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I would go a little further...just to prove a point...

Hi Striderus,

I understand what you're saying, but I personally would go even further -- just to PROVE that even if the state of Israel did not exist there would still be NO PEACE ON EARTH.  To satisfy that august body of LIARS, THIEVES, PEDOPHILES and MURDERERS -- the UNITED NATIONS -- I would suggest that the Israelis should drop their arms, pack up their bags and move en masse to the United States and be resettled in the American southwest.  The United States should call ALL its Military back home, completely disband ALL its MERCENARY GROUPS, kick the United Nations completely OFF THIS CONTINENT and tell the rest of the World they can have their New World Order -- WITHOUT the United States.  Of course that will never happen because we Americans are a people without a country -- just like the Israelis.  We are owned lock, stock and barrel AND totally controlled by FOREIGNERS who WANT PERPETUAL WAR.  If the state of Israel (read THOSE JEWS) -- is SO Rich, SO Powerful and has SO MUCH influence over the U.S. Government -- then WHY -- as a U.N. member state -- is it the ONLY country that has never been allowed a seat on the U.N. Security Council, even though it possesses nukes and is the ONLY country that has been targeted publicly for annihilation by another U.N. member state AND is the ONLY country whose capital, Jerusalem, is not recognized by the rest of the World -- only the pseudo-capital of Tel Aviv?  Of course, the U.N. had no problem giving Yasser Arafat and his PLO a seat on the Security Council and now Hezbollah is being considered, so to this day the hypocrisy goes on and on...and the World turns a blind eye because -- at least *they* aren't give it up Israel -- you're like the U.S. and you're goin' nowhere -- fast.



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Did The Fed Just (Surreptitiously) Bail Out EUROPE??? *LINK*
The FED can keep its worthless dollars and fraud figures for themselves! And PENTAGON can collect its war criminals from all over the world and teach them how to produce real value back home! Period! *NM*
Unfortunately, it appears that Americans are the VATICAN'S "chosen people" to Stage ARMAGEDDON for the Second Coming of the Pope. ;) *NM*
StriderUS might say (where is he?) "The final coming of the rope!" :D
Re: StriderUS might say (where is he?) "The final coming of the rope!" :D
I would go a little further...just to prove a point...
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