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Re: StriderUS might say (where is he?) "The final coming of the rope!" :D

I've been thinking about what israel is trying to do to the Palestinians in the West Bank imHo the zionists are showing themselves to be the neo-Nazis&commies both...sigh really sickening to say the least...and yes they Palestinians/arabs are fighting back and have been for as long as I can remember...Blame them ? not me. But here the twist that I been thinking about
Maybe the Palestinians/arabs should just give up the whole of the land...retreat to the arab nations....  or where ever they can.
LOL and now here the catch that I would give to the israelis... with NO rebutals allowed ...period...if they take the land ---ALL zionists and those who have been screwing every nation around the world on their behalf are to be moved to israel ! I not saying that all jews be kicked out ...what ever real jews don't want any part of this satanic shit should stay where they are but should also know that they need to be quiet about israel verbal support no financial support ( tax breaks)
now for the rael catch
israel can not ever attack any of their neighbors unprovoked, in other words the borders they get are all they are ever going to get...absolutely no expansions...I don't give a shit if they have to live like sardines...the first time they provoke or cross another border as in war machine....the WORLD launches against israel till there is nothing but a hole in the ground where israel used to be...or 100 plus neutrons bombs.

That IS to include any israeli that crosses a border to attack anyone...if the person is caught...imo they should stand trial, if found guilty either the israelis pay for ALL costs to house them NOT to be transfered back to israel but kept in the country they commited the crime in and or for murder...death by hanging..and absolutely NO special treatment !

enough IS enough imHo I think we can all agree that israel couldn't do it because they can't and refuse to honor anything...including God.

This in of itself should solve 95% of the worlds financial and criminal problems...and I do mean every damn one of the zionist scumbags from every country in the world goes home period.

And if any of them don't like my idea ...too bad!  They can ALL get in line , take a number, and kiss my white ASS !



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The FED can keep its worthless dollars and fraud figures for themselves! And PENTAGON can collect its war criminals from all over the world and teach them how to produce real value back home! Period! *NM*
Unfortunately, it appears that Americans are the VATICAN'S "chosen people" to Stage ARMAGEDDON for the Second Coming of the Pope. ;) *NM*
StriderUS might say (where is he?) "The final coming of the rope!" :D
Re: StriderUS might say (where is he?) "The final coming of the rope!" :D
I would go a little further...just to prove a point...
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