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It's Creedence Clearwater Revival springtime!

I put a spell on you! ;)

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Tina Fey: Tune into the The Sarah Palin Network ... Hey I gotch ya *LINK*
if you are literate and do not want to read in a headstand better run this clip ;)
That just happened! For some reason the original run was so one could read it and then later the signs were in reverse. Could some techy explain how that couldbe possible?
Maybe it was a Pole Swap caused by Planet X? ;) Else: Sabotage by Sarah? :D Ominous date: 13th? :O
Now that makes perfect sense ... But if I could just explain some of the weird occurances around the home here. Hmmm *NM*
It's Creedence Clearwater Revival springtime!
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