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'Russia Engineered Air Crash That Killed President Kaczynski,' Claims Polish MP *LINK*

I read that one of the strategies of War is to kill your enemy's allies first?  I've also read that the major Wars always start in the I wonder who's next on the list...since it's probably a short one...

'Russia Engineered Air Crash That Killed President Kaczynski,' Claims Polish MP


The Russian government prevented the Polish president's plane from landing four times to divert him from a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, according to an MP.

Artur Gorski said the Russians 'came up with some dubious reasons' that the aircraft couldn't land because they feared President Leck Kaczynski's presence would overshadow a similar event hosted by the Russian prime minister a few days before...

'One version of events says that the plane approached the airport four times, because every time the Russians refused it permission to land - they wanted to send the plane with the president to an airport in Moscow or Minsk,' Mr Gorski claimed in an interview published in the newspaper Nasz Dziennik.

'They came up with some dubious reasons: that there was fog over the airport, and that the navigation system didn't work as it was under renovation, and that airport had a short landing strip.'

The claims were made as shocking new details emerged of the final minutes of the flight before it crashed into a Russian forest on Saturday morning...




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'Russia Engineered Air Crash That Killed President Kaczynski,' Claims Polish MP *LINK*
So in line with dubious 'intelligence specialists' like rumor addicts' Christopher Story(teller) and 'kremlin super knowsman' (CIA stooge?) David Booth aka Sorcha Faal.
when the intrigue backfires
Who was responsible for the maintenance of the Presidential Plane in Warsaw? Who would have had the opportunity to place tiny explosives for remote ignition into the gearboxes hours before take off? *NM*
And who would have wanted to "finish off" any possible survivors? *NM*
if at all, in this assumed case, the same agents who placed the remotely ignited plastic explosives into the plane's gearboxes
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