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OBAMA: Our New COWBOY President... *PICS* *LINK*

He may be an Undocumented Worker from Kenya...and he may even be a Gay Blade from the Brokeback side of Chicago, but one thing we know for sure -- he's a...



                        The Cowboy President

By Yvonne Ridley


Now that Obama has decided to dispense with judge and jury, he is returning the U.S. to the days of

the Wild West … which could make him more of a cowboy president than Bush ever was...

Wasn’t Obama supposed to be more principled than his predecessor?    

I can almost hear the laughter ringing out loud from the Texas village of Crawford now that its idiot has been returned...    


 The Wild West...well, it could be worse...he could return us to the days of the Flintstones...


Be Prepared for Anything & Everything because...






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OBAMA: Our New COWBOY President... *PICS* *LINK*
Very Funny to Read - and I needed a good laugh! *NM*
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