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The Inconvenient Truths Series #3: Searching The Silver Lining by Jean Hudon *LINK*

April 13, 2010

The Inconvenient Truths Series #3: Searching The Silver Lining

Hello everysoul!

Once again as I was assembling for you this colossal aggregation of news and information on a very wide assortment of issues, all crying for our attention (the condoning of pedophilia by the catholic hierarchy and and their deep denial of any wrongdoing on their part which is merely a reflection of a much wider planet-wide denial, the deepening economic woes now apparently set to implode, the ever-increasing environmental devastation which sometimes makes me feel our beloved planet is slowly dying the death of a billion cuts, the brave efforts of the US administration to curtail the risks of a nuclear Armageddon while continuing their runaway military expansion, the ongoing "collateral" mass murders by the US military bravely revealed by Wikileaks, the many contradictory policies of Barack Obama that fly in the face of the hopes for real change invested in him while we forget to consider that no one of us would probably be able to do any better if we were in his shoes, and so much more!), I was looking for some kind of silver lining to the troubling times we are now immersed into.

It is easy to feel overcome by the glaring evidence that so much is still deeply wrong and that impending consequences are about to hit us all very hard. It is even more easy to nurture pessimism about our future and forget that there has never been so many opportunities beforehand to set things right - first, because the information about what needs to be redressed is now widely available through the Internet, mostly uncensored, although some of it is often twisted and distorted by those with a dark agenda; secondly, because countless NGOs and individual campaigners try their best to enlist us all in repairing the web of life and the frayed fabric of our societies; and thirdly, because the spiritual awakening that has been exponentially gaining strength throughout the world, albeit mostly under the radar of most everyone's attention, is now firing up a deep, keen desire to make the best out of difficult circumstances and leave a decently livable world to our children, even if it still seems like an impossible task.

There are growing pockets of Light where people live according to their heart's callings and values and their influence triggers far-reaching resonance in everyone's heart all over the world. The oppressing dominance of the old dying system of egocentric grabbing, corrupting manipulation and dogmatic brainwashing is quickly losing traction as more and more people are freeing themselves from the disempowering programming of fear, threat and death. True spiritual freedom from the prison of dark thought-forms is on the near horizon.

And that to me is the real silver lining we need to focus on - despite it all...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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