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Polish Tupolev 154 Crashed 10th April 2010 - Missing Questions. Painful Answers.

"Never put all your eggs into one basket!"

Carelessness? Stupidity? Arrogance of Power?

Dear Polish Mourners and Relatives of those who perished,
maybe you didn't realize amongst all the talks and theories asking what might have caused the plane crash, whether it was a single cause or a connection of unfortunate circumstances or a secret-service take-out just-in-time ...
... did you ask yourself or have you heard the question in the media:

Why did so many high-ranking officials
fly in just one plane?

ONE craft crowded with so many leaders
that all should have known better.

Fatal plane crashes do happen.
Nobody is exempt from the law of physics.
No matter what the real cause of the crash was.

It is totally irresponsible

versus own relatives and versus own country
and the implications and duties of leadership

to put half of the leading staff into only one plane.

No excuse accepted for this fatal failure!
But lessons to be learnt for the living.

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