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Sarah's Shillin' Ain't Worth a Shekel! :)

Maybe Sarah Palin is a Distraction, more Bread & Circuses, like the U.S. Government and its entire political system...a Diversion from what the Pentagon is doing...or is going to do? 

Since it appears that Sarah has been "slutted" by the MK-Ultra CIA Ratline Factory and "slotted" as a Zionist Shill, I was a bit surprised at the MSM's liberal Feminists' hard stand against her -- as in "overkill"? -- since allegedly the liberal Jews control all the news.

Sarah looks more like a Pin-Up Girl for the Pentagon and not someone the Zionists themselves would have taken seriously, let alone "chosen" for big-time shillin'.  She totally discredits not only herself, but the Zionists, the Christian-Zionists, the Republican Party (which is also a big supporter of Israel) and the American political system as well, which we've always been told is the main source of funding and support to prop up the state of who really benefits from the whole Saga of Sarah?  Dead Zionists worldwide must be turning over in their graves...maybe that's the reason for all the earthquakes... 

And speaking of Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties?  Sounds like another version of MK-Ultra's 'Alice in Wonderland' all the way...down the rabbit hole...


                                     ...oy vey...take her away already!



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Thanks to Rixon Stewart, Henry Makow et al: Exposing Zionist Tea Party Hoaxers - Sarah's Satanic Salute
Agreed....... BUT, have you seen that hottie lately? *PIC*
Dear Dear TimeLord ..... May I make a suggestion?
Oh yeah PUKE! Thanks Dancer for digging up more of the slime buckets *NM*
Sarah's Shillin' Ain't Worth a Shekel! :)
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