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moot to say

not my words,
quoted out of memory:

"Christianity is Judaism for Non-Jews."

"Anti-Judaism won't work properly for our purpose
as long as we ourselves don't take it into our own hands."

my own words:

to take or to leave
nowadays reality or the wishful's belief

talking about present time facts

who publicly
declared war against Germany in 1933 in the name of All-Judah?

who publicly
called to kill all Germans even before the USA incited the Global War?

who publicly
demanded to sterilize all German males?

who publicly
demanded to drop atomic bombs for mass murder of Japanese civilians?

who publicly
blackmails and threatens to nuke the whole world?

who publicly
claims to be superior to all other people?

who sneaked
the misfitting older scripts of racist murder and hatred into the bible?

who publicly
refuses international inspections?

rules the global banking system?

steers the mass media?

teaches perpetual hate of goys as a religion?

interbreeds among own ilk?

and on and on and on

is it







Hitler was only reluctantly promoted by the Vatican.
The money for his election campaign and his final installation
mostly came from zionist bankers whom he had met abroad.
Witnesses of this fact were silenced soon. Comrades killed.
German Wehrmacht was rebuilt with the help of US corporations,
financially and technically. Big investments to be paid back by occupation.
Ford engines built into German tanks and trucks.
It was a promising calculation that Germany was doomed to lose the war
and forced to pay back with interest on interest.
Even before World War One the map of Central Europe
had been redesigned for the time after.

Similar game with Saddam and Iraq

For decades Supranational Zionist Warmongers tried to blame the Katyn Massacre on the German Wehrmacht against ALL evidence.

Thanks to the politics of Poland and Russia after 1989
this one of the big frauds of the last century
intended to eternally subdue and exploit the German People
couldn't be upheld any longer.

moot to repeat

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Genetics or Ideology?
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Genetics AND Behaviour. Science AND Verification. Evidence AND Reality.
Excellent! Well said and well put! *NM*
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