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Rome's Pentagon Forerunner to Washington, D.C.??? *LINK*

           Rome's Pentagon Forerunner to Washington, D.C.???


                           Villa Farnese Caprarola

                                                user posted image

This is where the Italian aristocratic family of Farnese (Nephilim) funded the Jesuit Order and this is where the many Jesuit war rooms were located in which the counter-reformation was directed and Luther was fought. The war room in Borgo Santo Spirito is of lesser importance than this building, built by a Cardinal (Farnese?), and which was the model for the Pentagon in Washington DC (!) Together with the FED being modeled after the Roman Catholic Church this piece of bombshell information seems to be yet another piece of the puzzle called Roman Catholic Control over the World...


Since the INTERNET was invented by DARPA (Military), then that tells us who controls the Internet -- the PENTAGON.  Now...who controls the United States of America???  And don't forget that the predominant religion of the United States is NOW for the first time in its history -- Roman Catholic -- due to the illegal invasion of Roman Catholics from Mexico, aided by Catholic priests.  The only mainstream news anchor that I can recall who publicly confronted the Vatican about this was Lou Dobbs on CNN, then of course he had to take an early retirement.  Yet we are told continually that the U.S. Government is controlled by Israel and the Jews...



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Rome's Pentagon Forerunner to Washington, D.C.??? *LINK*
Bingo! It's the US Israel Firsters themselves who are publicly bragging about how they dominate the US Government. Who tells whom what and why? :D
Supremacist Sin-A-Go-Go Hysterics can't stop bragging about their evil vile tactics.
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