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Not sure why you sent THIS out!
(Which definitely WAS in the news down here.)
Just to be up front with you about this -
these are the kind of delusional, blindly hostile,
non-reasoning, spoiled, heartless, self-centered
'inhumans' who are against everything,
and who have zero positive input and/or ideas -
especially if it's empathetic, good, and right,
(such as universal health care like what you've got in Canada.)
They think "by the people" means by them - and no one else.
They exude the ugliest kind of ignorant hypocrisies,
because Pelosi and Reid WERE elected
"by (a wide majority of) the people"
and fully according to the constitution.
Ultimately, their thinking is fascist.
They would destroy where others would build.
They are good at calling names,
making hateful signs which don't say a thing,
casting blame, crying about anything and everything,
and pretty much nothing else.
They suck pacifiers all day long.
They are like the moronic, non-thinking goons
who put someone like Hitler into power in the 1930's.
Thank God their numbers are sparse,
and that they're way out on the fringes of absurd extremism,
because nothing will come of them.
These people don't really care.
And while I'm at it, neither does their idol -
the malicious, fully self-centered liar, Sarah Palin.

So what are you trying to do, ? Ruin my day?
Ah, ha! Nice try!  :>)

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Nicely staged right out in the desert, bright weather for good pictures. Let's have a party outside? But where's Sarah, the Harley-Davidson rocker bride from Allasska?
Always Jewish undertones with u and re: ...... "Allasska", from now on I'lAskYa
Please! :) I beg you! *NM*
No facelifting! Sorry. I mistook Naomi Klein for Naomi Wolf. Anyway the difference for the Tea Party Campaign would not be that much. So I call the Naomis: Join the Party. Could be your part now.
Someone else's perspective
Kaboom. Done Don? :O You can be sooo cruel! But you hit the nail. Respect! :D
The Cruelty was not me. I am just the messanger .... Here is further correspondence from the same person
Mess Anger? Aah ya! Assuming 'D' agreed to publish his intimate mail: His creative use of language, my liking :D *NM*
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