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Please! :) I beg you! *NM*

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Tea Party Gathering Images..... the Fight is on!!!! *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Nicely staged right out in the desert, bright weather for good pictures. Let's have a party outside? But where's Sarah, the Harley-Davidson rocker bride from Allasska?
Always Jewish undertones with u and re: ...... "Allasska", from now on I'lAskYa
Please! :) I beg you! *NM*
No facelifting! Sorry. I mistook Naomi Klein for Naomi Wolf. Anyway the difference for the Tea Party Campaign would not be that much. So I call the Naomis: Join the Party. Could be your part now.
Someone else's perspective
Kaboom. Done Don? :O You can be sooo cruel! But you hit the nail. Respect! :D
The Cruelty was not me. I am just the messanger .... Here is further correspondence from the same person
Mess Anger? Aah ya! Assuming 'D' agreed to publish his intimate mail: His creative use of language, my liking :D *NM*
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