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you may try this one ;)

This forbidden book was published in the early seventies in Germany and shortly after vanished from the bookshelves - allied censorship, and see see see, Central Council of the Chosen didn't like it that much.
No wonder, when you read what author Kardel has to say about World War Two from his point of view about the ruling role of the jew.

Adolf Hitler - The Founder of Israel
PDF-Download link, just click and save.

I don't know how accurate or reliable the translation to English is.

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Koestler, Khazar...Kaput? *LINK*
you may try this one ;)
some more links
Genetics or Ideology?
Well Said! Thank you *NM*
Genetics AND Behaviour. Science AND Verification. Evidence AND Reality.
Excellent! Well said and well put! *NM*
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