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Yesterday Evening I saw 3 Bright Red-Yellow Lights hovering across the Southern Sky.

Round about 22 pm I felt the need to go out and check the thermometer in the garden when my attention was caught by a strange light, something I had never seen before.

It was really brilliant, more red than yellow, the biggest object in a bright sky, no moon visible but many stars, apart from a few hazy chemtrails the whole spectrum to stare at.

The fireball didn't really burn, there was no smoke, no sound, no alteration of light. So I watched for a while how it was hovering at the same altitude from south-east to north-west. Suddenly a smaller fireball slowly dropped down from the bottom side and then first the light of the smaller falling object went out and afterwards the bigger light above.

What was it? A burning balloon? But how come, the big thing, the brilliant but constant red-yellow light, the smaller thing, the step-by-step switch-off of both lights. I had no clue what it could be. I only presumed what is was most probably not: no air plane, no helicopter, no burning balloon or similar.

And while I was watching and thinking what a strange day this tenth of April is, the decapitation of the Polish government, confusing numbers and infos, some people anticipating World War III just around the corner,
well, while I stood there, surprise surprise, the same spectacle again,
the second fireball coming along, dropping a smaller glowball and then both lights going off .... I said to myself, what the heck, the clock now hits 13, what does it mean? Two times the same show ... but oh no, it was not finished yet, a third similar object appeared out of nowhere, travelling across the sky, a little bit longer lasting than the two ones before, then the final demonstration, the big fireball dropping a smaller one that hovers down and after a few seconds both fireballs are turned off.

End of story. I stood there just to see if more objects would follow but no, it was finished.

Again: What was it? What does it mean?
Three times a big fireball appearing out of nowhere, no sound, constant brilliant light, red-yellow, letting out a smaller similar object hovering to the ground and then both lights going off.

I'm sure it was not a natural phenomenon, it was artificial.
Maybe a military object?

Anyone 'in the know'?

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Yesterday Evening I saw 3 Bright Red-Yellow Lights hovering across the Southern Sky.
I learnt from relatives these objects were probably 'Chinese Sky Lanterns' though forbidden here, especially close to airports.
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