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Re: Ascension frequencies...are they going to be good for us? *PIC*


This is not meant as an "answer", but just a few ramblings from one tiny voice that is also working on discovering "the way".

Let's see what a few of the more obvious choices are...   these are not "all there is"... just a limited array for thought.

Hmmm...  we've been subjected to higher negative polarity beings, the "Aryans"/Annunaki/Reptilians/Grays/elite/darkness/satan (FILL IN YOUR OWN BLANKS) for hundreds of thousands of years.   This may include numerous ascending and descending "civilizations, galactic battles, etc.  What do we know of Higher frequencies?   The PTB have not been allowing them to penetrate the heavy density they've intentionally created here in third density, with "frequency barriers" to keep anything from higher densities/dimensions from penetrating.  We know what we're shown and told.   Manipulation enhances our beliefs.

Our negativity, fear and "worship" all gets misdirected... to "them".   If you were in control, would you be able to let go of an entire planet's blind faith, abject worship regardless of "negativity"/pedophilia/satanic links?  In a hologram, those who have the technology control the power, and we're shown what is needed to divide, fragment and conrol us.   We don't have too many "clues", being inundated with their intentional running programs to distract, disempower and control/enslave.   Most of us, some human, have never known anything different in all this gameboard which is designed for both control and expansion to higher and lower realms.  One thing for sure:  one rotten apple spoils the bunch, and higher density beings have been stacking the apple cart for thousands of years with "bad apples".   Now, the time is to harvest the souls who choose this way or that way or another way.  Read the channelings of Carla Rueckert from RA about the harvest of souls...

We can know what the current frequencies have in store for us:   just look around.   "Know them by their fruits".   Our physical bodies were never the ultimate end game; spirit/soul/love/higher connections are the Master Game.   Those who would and will enslave us are working overtime with many seeming advantages to act as "beings of light and love" which hides an ancient promise:   the devil is very beautiful indeed.   And, "saving the earth" is not an option... she is evolving beyond this illusion which she has graciously provided for all to manifest and work out to the last detail.  She is moving into a higher frequency, and will shed that which is not "a match" with loving care for her creation... the microcosm in the macro.   It is a battle, yes and no. 

Get on their ships, if you like, when they arrive to point out they can "save us" from ourselves, we limited barbaric less evolved creatures... but will they tell us they have been pulling the strings all along, laughing at us as fools and chattel to be used indiscriminately for their pleasure?   Would one take judgment, hatred, violence, lack of conscience, heirarchies, fear, control and wars into one's own world?  

Probably not.

So, this IS a "harvest period" and one must begin to consider the possibility that prior to this (and other) incarnations, we SAW/knew/know what is to come and helped to set it up.   Therefore, the inescapable logic follows that we knew and know what is coming and designed it for the highest good of all.  And it's quite likely that all our "other selves", be they future or past, are going to merge at some point to become our own "higher self" operating in full consciousness and full knowing of all that is, with our kindred spirits and source energy, call it what you like.  IT is not capable of being divisive.   If any are said to be "less than", the speaker is operating in unconsciousness, fear and from the matrix of control.   Love is the key to unlock most of the doors...

Technology does not equate with higher consciousness or spiritual evolution.   We are sovereign, regardless of the appearance of being tossed about by the fates, and controlled by invisible "beings/forces", who know better for our needs.   Hogwash.   We know ALL of the "answers" and questions within the smallest molecule or atom inside our bodies.   Like it or not, one must go within to discover one's own unique and individual/collective path which dovetail into the large cogs and wheels, which at this time are difficult to "see", being in veiled consciousness.  If the answers are not "forthcoming", we can trust they are there within, and will be revealed in right timing.   No man is an island, so ask the "team" for guidance, and it's here before one even formulates the query.

This game board of illusion created by multiple levels of reality is coming to an abrupt halt; a "conclusion", and one must choose the side of the fence one already chose... as the Oracle said to "The One", you already know what's going to happen... you're coming to me to find out why you chose what you did."  This (the endgame) is the saving grace for us all... there is an established cycle which will reboot all of creation no matter where it is "at", for the highest good of ALL; not for the elite few who pathologically are addicted to our energy and have kept us in the dark (enslaved) for their own use and abuse.  It's been called the separation of the wheat from the chaff.   What's in a name?  Duality/polarity is ending for those who choose to evolve.   This is as dramatic... no, it's far more dramatic, than when the world learned that it was not actually FLAT, but round.   Many further obstacles of denial awaited, and even our greatest minds, including Einstein, were very limited in scope.

For me, I don't really think there is much to fear from higher vibrations and energies... we have much more to fear from what we do not know, that has not yet surfaced in our awareness, and from this density, those who would enslave us permanantly, and each other - through this great Shift of the ages.   Everyone dies.  This is pretty well established, and those who have returned from NDEs, speak about vast and beautiful worlds beyond any words can describe... where all is known and one IS connected to whatever one chooses to call it; Creator, Nature, Higher Self, the "other side", angels, and all one's other multi-dimensionals selves.  Yet, we're taught to fear and ignore and deny death from birth, rather than embrace and celebrate the return and our natural cycles which are beyond this material world which has become increasingly distorted and corrupt.  

Perhaps the core has become so corrupt that it must spin around, within, as we all must, and find true north, a new alignment, and those who are able to ride the big one will find themselves removed from the lower creations through Grace.

In part, it is the mind that creates doubt and fear, and that is what the controllers, and their managers, count on, while stimulating the lowest within us.   They keep us in a state of confusion, doubt, unclarity, and fear.   Somehow, each unique fragment of Self/All That Is, must begin to go within, and not look solely at the "outside world" which is a mirror for us to track our inner plane progress by.  Try as they might, we are all subject to "higher laws" or frequencies, and thank goodness for that!

Synchronicity keeps us tuned in, once we tune in to our higher calling; which is already there and waiting for us to clear the lower frequencies of fear, doubt and paranoia from our lower bodies.   This is the "work" each must find a way to do to discover a clearer path, not one already followed, as in "religions", rules, politics, etc.   Those are creations to keep the matrix intact.   If one chooses to step out of the matrix of illusion, prison, fear, and microchipped enslavement, then it is a path one must forge for oneself.  Fortunately, others incarnate from higher "d's" to provide hope and inspiration, not fixed dogma and things to "follow".   Life in the NOW requires a direct connection to Source/Creator, and we always are connected.   So, the big deal is figuring out what our own beliefs are that might be nailing our feet to the floor, our hands to the cross... none need suffer.   That is another illusion.   Keep peeling them away, and eventually the onion has no skins left.   This is a new beginning and a place of confusion which is a higher place from which to be.

We're all so close... take the more difficult road, the "higher path", and soon... the lower will disappear from view.  Each soul radiates waves of power that effect change in "all that is"...according to the frequency we live by.   Believe.   It is so.


Zany Mystic










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Ascension frequencies...are they going to be good for us?
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