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"Breakfast With God, Part 3" by Maureen Moss



"Breakfast With God, Part 3"

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. This transmission from God started in a most unique way, and a little past perhaps it is brunch with God this time.

Here's how it started. I was on my way to the hospital to take a test that is not pleasant in the least, or at least it hasn't been in my past experience. Prior to the test I spoke to my body and said, "listen precious body of mine, I love you. We have to go and take this test, however we are not going to hurt when we take this test. It's not necessary. I love you and I love us and together we are going to create a different experience." I then closed my eyes and simply breathed with my body. I felt a lightness of "Spirit" come over me.

Fast forward. I noticed I was in complete alignment with my words as I entered the diagnostic lab. The technician was lovely, though she mentioned, "this will probably hurt for a minute here and there as we move through this." Her words bounced off of me, as though from a distance, no impact.

Test proceeded. Test completed. I felt no pain whatsoever. The tech said to me, "I've never seen anyone as calm as you while having this test." I just smiled and thanked her for her "gentle touch."

Leaving the hospital I said aloud, "that was awesome, why can't I do this with everything?"

Guess who found the perfect in? God, of course. "I don't know, why can't you? Do you think what you did is mutually exclusive to this particular incident?" "No," I answered, "it was just fascinating to see how much control I had over this situation and how my body and mind cooperated."

"Now why don't you try this in every part of your life, particularly with the parts that still gnaw at you? The energy is on your side to support you at your every turn. Life for all of you now is geared toward creating your desired outcome in every new situation.

Your abilities along with many have been greatly amplified, though your mortal minds haven't caught up with this Truth. What fun you will consistently have if you allow yourself to actually be all that you already are in the present moment, which is what you did.

Based on previous limiting force fields and improper training of right use of energy, humanity has always had a strong propensity to experience new events as though they were past events. Most have an experience, hang on to the personality and lower mind's judgment of it, and when the next experience that is similar in nature to the one that came before it comes along, they immediately place their former limiting belief on it. Terminal illusion!

Here's how to break the pattern. Whenever a new experience presents itself (even if it appears to be similar to a former experience) first recognize it as brand new, never been experienced by you before. Stay out of comparing it to anything of the past or predicting its future. Be present and decide in that moment how you choose to experience it. That's right, you choose. You take the power in leading the energy where you wish it to be, and know you can!

Experience will always ask you to make choices. Choose up! What you choose will affect the next experience that you have. Trust Me. Each new experience that is pressed along the one that just passed or is coming is a co-incident. Take a breath and take that in. Do you see how one would affect the other?

If you notice a negative response coming up toward any experience, shape shift it immediately to a desired outcome regardless of what your lower mind, ego or past has to say about it. Don't listen to them anymore. They are delusional. They are not invested in who you have chosen to become now, what you have chosen to accept as true now, or how you have chosen to get out of the herd of mass conscious conditioning. Make of your life a glorious game, and play it like a Master.

Patterns are broken when you retrain the way your brain responds or reacts to experience. What you are doing is trance breaking. You are breaking the trance that the mind has put you in for lifetimes. Once you do this, the mind game is over. You will notice your mind palpably retreating.

Once you do this once, a Divine sense of power comes alive inside of you. (That's Me in you.) It engages you with its new power of suggestion that you do have the creative power and ability to shape shift anything; any current experience, any oncoming experience, any relationship, any job, or your health. There is nothing you are unable to shape shift. Take that in. Furthermore it begins to dissolve victim and martyr consciousness, both of which must stay behind if you are climbing dimensions.

Here's another way to look at it. Whatsoever you don't feel in alignment with, unplug from it. Feel where a former belief system is plugged into your former third dimensional consciousness, and unplug it. You can do that, because you have the power.

Track it all the way into your life experience, as a witness. Don't create another story about it, just track it and pull the plug. What you are unplugging yourself from is an auto-hypnotic state that you and others put you into.

Proclaim aloud that you can no longer be hypnotized because you are a Divine and conscious being, not a belief systems puppet. When you consciously unplug from a former state you instantly shift the frequency field of that belief, making it easier to choose up on a consistent basis.

Now, what belief system do you choose to plug into? State it out loud. Feel the energy flow through your body as it begins to wrap itself around your new idea. Feel how it pulses. It's like having a blood transfusion. Something new is entering you. It's a new suggestion, so grab it. Don't argue with it. Don't use former logic to disown it. Get into alignment with it. Be grateful for it and go with it. Let it take you on a new ride. Plug it into your new consciousness, and keep it stabilized with your thoughts and actions.

You may even wish to plug it into the new Chrystalline grid of your Divine Earth Mother. Once you do, all of mass consciousness will feel a new ripple of higher consciousness. Your Divine Mother's new 4th Dimensional grid will accept nothing of a lower consciousness. As you can see, she's busy making many adjustments to bring herself into alignment. Do you see the reflection? Help her whenever you have a moment to do so by plugging your good and great into her.

All of humanity along with Divine Earth Mother has been receiving elevated codes for re-shaping creation in a quickened way since the Spring Equinox.

For you, soon you will notice that much of your creative natures and new belief systems will just drop in your lap, like an angel's feather, just like the one you decided to employ when you went for your tests. You didn't think if it would work or not. I know. I was with you. Actually you didn't even think about it at all, which was fairly novel for you. You just decided a new belief was in order, you created it, you unplugged from your former one, plugged in the new one and voila you've already expressed the outcome. Nice job.

Key words for shifting belief systems: alignment, resonance, excitement, and Self-assured. Guess what the shift is all about? Alignment, resonance, excitement and being Self-assured. Just add a dose of how fascinating a being you are, fall in love with your magnificent selves and we'll have sustained happy and United times together. Is there anything else you want to ask me?

"Nope, I'll save it for tomorrow's breakfast. However I will tell you this now. I am so glad you are my life partner. Thanks for always being there. What a blessing."

Copyright 2010. I ask that you include my name and websites as this is part of a greater body of work.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. I hope you'll join our Shape Shifting's well worth your time!

Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss
President of The World Puja Network, LLC

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