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Google Gives the US Government Access To Gmail. Only US?

Typical for these zionist hypocrites?

"Google condemns the Chinese Government for censoring its results, and Australia for planning to do the same. Meanwhile, its lawyers and security experts have told employees to 'be intentionally vague about whether or not we've given access to end-user accounts,' according to engineer James Tarquin, hinting that
Google may [?] be sharing its data with the US government. Perhaps Australia's most hated communications minister, Steven Conroy, could be right in his criticism of Google's privacy record after all."

Ah ya, sharing with the US Government ... and what about the EzraHell warmongers? And the CIA and Mossad overlords?

Google also actively invades people's privacy when they take snapshots of private housing and make it available to everybody. It's not only 'street view' as they put it. Hiding behind 8 meter high walls in their beloved Ezrahell seems to be no disputable issue for these sick arrogant bastards!
Double-standards as usual. Total privacy and ultimate protection for themselves and just the opposite for the stupid gullible gentiles? Not?

Google service developed in Israel launched

New Google Insight tool developed in Israel (article available no more)


Among the global hi tech giants which have research and development facilities in Israel are Intel, IBM, Motorola, Digital, Amdocs, HP, Google, Microsoft, AOL which recently purchased Mirabilis ICQ, and Texas Instruments.

Google, Sun Systems and Microsoft have headquarters in Israel

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