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ILLUM... IN.. NOT I by Robert Hitt *LINK*



Current observations from Mount Nebo


By Robert Hitt

Humm words do seem to have a deeper meaning than what is on the surface. Take the word illuminati for instance

By good fortune I was exposed to various "occult" knowledge bases when I was a young man.. I was able to take advantage of a period in history back in the 60s and 70s when a lot of vows of secrecy were broken and many books were published and the usual steps in secret societies involving taking oaths of secrecy were being broken left and right. I was able to get insight outside of the structures that has been keeping secrets for 1000s of years.. 

One of the more potent systems of secret knowledge is quaballa.. What I studied is called HERMETIC KABBALISM which in my opinion predates the use of this knowledge by Hebrews. This is the core of both astrology and the tarot which has been handed down for millennia.. The graphic below is called the tree of life.. This one picture is a KEY to the quabalisitic system of correspondences. 


The entire tree represents BOTH the microcosm and macrocosm.. It is a symbolic picture of all that IS and all that IS NOT. that which unfolds from the unmanifested crown down into all creation

At the top of the tree we see a crown.. This crown at the top represents the pristine UNMANIFEST.. the unmanifest is above all constructs. Above words and symbols and even above a concept of either. Hummm.. sounds boring.. in deep non space and non time it probably was indeed BORING.. The "story" of genesis unfolds from there. 

So being bored the unmanifest CONCEIVES of itself as I AM.. ..... HOWEVER as that concept is false to the unmanifest the exact opposite must also be true that I AM NOT.  So there you have it.. the father son and holy ghost.. the trinity.. the good the bad ..  all basis for DUALITY.. 

The secret of all secrets.. The real YOU is the one and only .. the unmanifest" is looking" out of your very eyes. You are both I AM and I AM NOT.  At any point in "time" you are either identifying with I AM or I AM NOT.....  hummm. is IT a particle or a wave??  both? .. Quantum mechanics has proven that a wave only becomes a particle if you point your attention at IT. 

It appears that the two pillars of Knowledge all the way down to the root of the tree is based on I AM and I AM NOT..  the basis of the so called religions of today is VERY CLEAR HERE... You either have a religion that is based on EMPATHY which is I AM.. or the religion of I AM NOT which is based on an UTTER LACK OF EMPATHY.. 

I AM identifies with all that is..... everything is true

I AM NOT identifies with nothing..... there is nothing true but a void

MAYBE NOW the term.. illum in NOT I ... makes more sense to you.. maybe now the behavior of those on the left hand path makes sense.. 

I make no judgment about what path anyone follows.. In the end the darkness MUST accept the light and vice versa.. In the end both are true.. nothing is real and everything that can be conceived of is real. 

If you look carefully at the above picture you will see the Christian CROSS is located at the top. On the tree there is indeed a CENTER PATH.. To me this cross represents the ascended man.. one who is aware of the whole.. There is only the unmanifest as ACTUALLY REAL and everything else related to dualism is an ILLUSION.. 

The entire structure of the universe was intended to be an unlimited form of entertainment.. The joke is on US.. There cannot be love without duality..



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