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PHOBOS: For the World is Hollow...and I Have Touched the Sky! *LINK*

                There IS something very intriguing about PHOBOS...



        For the World is Hollow ... and I Have Touched the Sky!



By Richard C. Hoagland

And, the evidence now supports the reality that our human "source" is ALSo reporting ... that "the human race has, indeed, confirmed its first, clearly artificial, relic world--

A bona fide "ancient spaceship" ... called Phobos--

The inner moon of Mars ....

One of two "tiny space rocks" (>15 miles across ...) -- discovered circling Mars in 1877, by Asaph Hall.

Phobos is the inner of Mars' two infinitesimal natural satellites ... the slightly larger ... and is shaped a bit like "a battered hamburger." It orbits Mars every (tetrahedrally-significant) seven hours, 39 minutes ... whipping around just under "four thousand miles" above Mars' reddish sands ... from west to east ... three times each Martian "day."

It also orbits closer to its primary than any other "natural moon" in the entire solar system ....

So ... is it?

A "natural" moon, that is ...?

According to our "informed ESA source" (for this part of this developing, extraordinary story ...) ESA (the European Space Agency) IS "in the process" of assembling this stunning set of "multi-disciplinary science data on Phobos" -- testifying to the artificial nature of this enigmatic "moon" -- for a "formal presentation and announcement ... sometime later this year."





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PHOBOS: For the World is Hollow...and I Have Touched the Sky! *LINK*
PHOBOS (greek) means 'enemy' or 'hostile' in contrast to PHILOS *PIC*
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