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The MK-Ultra "Church" of Project Monarch ~ No Unfragmented Mind Left Behind...

The whole system of a Celibate Priesthood Ensured the Power and Control of the Papacy and Papist Policies around the world.  NAZISM is not 'a German thing' or 'an American thing' -- NAZISM is 'a Masonic-Babylonian-Egyptian Cult thing' -- codified, harmonized, compartmentalized and Glorified by the VATICAN...and we would do well to remember that whenever we immerse ourselves in the haunting beauty of the Gregorian Chants of intercession to God on behalf of the Fallen Angels who have bestowed upon us all that hell has to offer including hybridization.  Oh how they "LOVE" the Children and all of humanity -- let us count the ways...There are ex-nuns who give open testimonials to the fact that some convents, not all, but some convents that are literally witches' covens and that many priests are not only pedophiles, but rapists of young nuns as well.  Some convents have lime pits dug into their basements for the disposal of aborted babies and newborn infants who are murdered and/or sacrificed to cover up the demonic deeds of the priesthood...all this from a church that claims to be the "only true Christian church".  What's really sad is that most Catholics in the world don't have a clue -- they've been brainwashed into worshiping their "Church" and the Pope instead of worshiping God alone...


Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control




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OUCH.... WRH's statement on this hurts me.....
The Vatican is Ultimately Responsible .... *LINK*
The most ridiculous excuses of Catholic Clerics I've heard was the attempt to blame the scandal on the 'sexual revolution' and it were 'the children' who seduced the clerics. Crime and Slime! Ugh! *NM*
Church is a very lousy insurance company. A delusional 'hedge fund' without 'terms and conditions' based on fears and false promises. Taking holier than giving. *NM*
No God???
You name it, besides: How many of the abusers were abused themselves thus probably tested and/or prepared for becoming a member of the clerical community of hypocrites? Attempts of Pre-Conditioning? *NM*
The MK-Ultra "Church" of Project Monarch ~ No Unfragmented Mind Left Behind...
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