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Provided it's true I think Karzai's days are numbered and he's to be 'accidented' soon.

Affairs in Afghanistan could take an unexpected turn
, imagine Karzai has made secret deals with Russia and China. The kettle in Kyrgistan north of Afghanistan is exploding. The US Army will have to leave despite generous payments to the corrupt Kyrgistan elite.

A forced attack on Iran either by Israel itself or by US Pentagon 'Double' Loyals will backfire on the western coalition forces.

In my opinion bombing of Iran is like 'Crossing the Rubicon'.
Overdue Palace Revolution in the Pentagon?
US Army will (finally) turn against the traitors in high places?

Julius Caesar and the Crossing of the Rubicon

Afghanistan could NEVER been occupied for long by any force,
history tells us.

But who's interested in history nowadays,
when fiction and fantasies and prophecies
keep minds busy and diverted?

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