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A Real VOLKSWAGEN as originally demanded and designed by GROEFAZ Mein Fuehrer himself? *PIC*

GROEsster Fuehrer Aller Zeiten
(Greatest Leader Of All Times)

VW Kaefer - Volkswagen

Unfortunately Hitler's hand sign
was often grossly mis-interpreted :D

Because in fact he wanted to express nothing less than

"Look, Mein Volk, I will give you a car as big like this
and it will cost you less than 999 Deutsche Reichsmark!"

Hitler and the Volkswagon

The other side of the Volkswagen story.

Did Josef Ganz, not Ferdinand Porsche, create the Beetle?
We all know the story of the Volkswagen Beetle: In his vision to motorize Germany, Adolf Hitler wanted a "People's Car" of sound design and quality to transport the subjects of his Third Reich around an expanding empire. The Beetle became that car. It made automotive and world history, two of Germany's biggest automakers and Ferdinand Porsche's career. But was it really his design as history recorded? New evidence suggests otherwise.

Ferdinand Porsche or an unknown Jew?

New book documents the true father of the Volkswagen Beetle.

JOSEF GANZ made his first Volkswagen sketches in 1923, designing an innovative small lightweight car with a mid-mounted engine, independent wheel suspension and an aerodynamic body, but lacked the money to build a prototype. Therefore, he passionately started publishing articles on progressive car design in various magazines and, shortly after his graduation in 1927, he was assigned as the new editor-in-chief of Klein-Josef Ganz in the Ardie-Ganz prototype, 1930 Motor-Sport. Josef Ganz used this magazine as a platform to criticize heavy, unsafe and old-fashioned cars and promote innovative design and his concept of a German Volkswagen.

Why bother? Adolf is said to be - at least partly - of chosen DNA as well.
So everything can be traced back to the big chosen communty.
After all, Mein Fuehrer laid the groundwork for Israel.

Heil! Shalom! Salem Aleykum!

Boys Love Toys!

the true ancestor
of the KdF-Volkswagen
wasn't a brown May Beetle
but a lovely bug called LadyBird
what a coincidence with the colors RED-WHITE-BLACK

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New Single Seat VW $600.00 and 256 MPG! *LINK*
A Real VOLKSWAGEN as originally demanded and designed by GROEFAZ Mein Fuehrer himself? *PIC*
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