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Out of THIS world! ET DNA, Mars Base, End of Days *LINK*

From Jean Hudon's Earth Rainbow Network (Compilation) link to full newsletter below:

(P.S.  Laura Eisenhauer will be my Guest on June 12th, 2010    (Zany Mystic)


We finally have a recovery of nuclear DNA from the Starchild skull
(...) Please understand that this result has now been verified several times, and a few more different fragments have been identified that cannot be matched in this database to anything known. Despite that fact, mainstream skeptics will be obligated by their positions to try to say it's some kind of gibberish or some kind of mistake because in their world view it simply can't be true. Luckily, their bleating protests can be easily overcome with continued repetition of the result, finding more and more similar fragments in the library that will be created from the Starchild's DNA, which is what the geneticist is confident will happen over the next weeks and months---nothing but verification that a significant part of the Starchild's genome is not found on Earth. CLIP

Andrew D. Basiago and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower reveal "Marsgate" and make case for "Alternative 4"
Independent Mars colony recruits Andrew D. Basiago and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower have confirmed the existence of a secret human survival colony on Mars in a joint appearance on Exopolitics Radio with Alfred Lambremont Webre. Mr. Basiago, 48, a Cambridge-educated lawyer who practices law in Washington State, was a child participant in the DARPA time travel program Project Pegasus (1968-72) and later teleported to a U.S. base on Mars twice in 1981.Ms. Eisenhower, 36, the great-granddaughter of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, was the subject of a sophisticated attempt to recruit her into the secret Mars colony in 2006 that she broke free from after resisting its deeply rooted manipulations and chose to live out her destiny on Earth. They described how the secret Mars colony is funded by black budget military and intelligence sources as a survival mechanism for the human genome in the event that solar flares, nuclear war, or some other cataclysm ends human life on Earth. In the wide-ranging, three-hour interview, Mr. Basiago termed the cover-up of the Mars colony “Marsgate” and called for a Congressional investigation of the U.S. presence on Mars, with its emphasis on military occupation rather than diplomatic engagement of the indigenous human society living in underground cities beneath the surface of Mars. Ms. Eisenhower stated that “Alternative 3” – the notion that trillions of dollars of resources should be spent to protect human life by placing it on Mars – should give way to “Alternative 4,” a new public awakening to achieve a sustainable civilization on Earth. (...) Following the interview, Mr. Basiago and Ms. Eisenhower issued a joint statement about human survival colonies on other planets. "It is a positive thing for the human race to put survival colonies on other planets. Earth has been struck by many cataclysms in the past, and so we should protect the human genome by placing human settlements on other celestial bodies. Yet, when secrecy surrounding such projects tempts government to rob the free will of individuals, and excludes humanity from debating a subject that implicates the whole human future, and diverts the destiny of a planet to serve an off-planet agenda, the conscience of a free people requires that such projects be undertaken in the bright sunshine of public scrutiny, not within the dark corridors of the military-industrial complex." CLIP

Disclosure: Aryans, Mars and the End of Days - An interview with Jay Weidner
(...) These are words created by different cultures - the Hebrews, the Babylonians, the Sumerians, the Persians - to describe these people. OK? But their real name is very easy, because it describes where they go when they get out of Dodge. They're called the Aryans."Aryans" is just another word for "Martians", because Aries is Mars. They escape - at the end of the last Kali Yuga - I think, at the end of every Kali Yuga - the same cycle occurs every time; it may even be why there is a Kali Yuga. They come to Earth after the Earth is healed from the gigantic coronal-mass ejections which occur; and they come back in their ships, and they repopulate the Earth. They may even take genetic strains with them, which is what the genome project is; they may take all the seeds with them, which is what the seed project is. And they take it there; and they bury themselves under, because Mars is a pretty inhospitable place; and they wait for the Earth to recover. And they came back 60, 000 years ago, and they thought that the Earth had pretty much been wiped out. But a few groups had survived. Native Americans had survived, by being in caves; and they tell those stories, about how hot - it was so hot that you stuck a stick out the cave opening and it lit on fire. The Chinese survived - somebody - one of those Asian groups must have survived, obviously. And some of the African survived. So, when the Aryans landed, they kept to themselves. But they did have ships, and they went around; and they had an order that they couldn't have any sex with the remnants that were left behind. They could help them, teach them how to read and write and how to farm and all these other things; but they couldn't have sex with them. But those Earth women and the way they move: they just couldn't resist. So these are humans, but they went to Mars for a long time; and they lost the pigment in their skin, they lost the color in their hair, their eyes turned blue or green or hazel. They were tremendously big, because of the low gravity on Mars, when they landed here. Very advanced, super advanced - and they've been here for a very, very long time. And they're leaving. They're going. They're leaving now. There are colonies - I know this sounds completely out of my mind, but I have proof for all this. There's colonies up on Mars; just type in "Hale Crater civilization" on Google, and read Skipper's work - Joseph Skipper's great work on the colony there, up in Hale Crater.This is what's going on. This is the long and short of it. And, yeah, they live here; they actually lived once in Norway. That's where they lived, because they liked the coolness; they couldn't get used to the heat. And that spiral that exploded over Norway when Barack Obama was going to get his Peace Prize in Norway - yeah, well, that's their weaponry. Here's the problem Obama faces. OK? These guys are leaving. They're getting out of here because they think that the coronal-mass ejections are coming. Alright? They're leaving, and they don't care who runs the United States anymore. They did up until last year. Now they don't care anymore. And so Obama's sitting here, and he's got the remnants of their technology. He's got the stuff sitting around; right? And they're probably busily back-engineering the Aryan technologies; OK? And this is what's going on in Argentina and Chile, where they're raiding the tunnel systems.This is the new world order; these are the managers that have been left behind. The new world order is not the Aryans; the new world order are the Aryans' left-behind managers. CLIP


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