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Current observations from Mount Nebo by R Hitt *LINK*


Current observations from Mount Nebo
Robert Hitt


Get ready.. Just ahead is one of the most complex and stressful astro alignments any living person has ever seen. 

 FIVE major aspects will be forming and overlapping over the next 5 months.. 

Saturn Uranus opposition.. Saturn Pluto square.. Jupiter opposition Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Uranus. Jupiter square Pluto

The aspects will be COMBINING into an arrangement where we will be experiencing them all at the same time with a grand finale as a grand cross forms in early August 2010 bringing Mars and Venus into the cross with the moon topping it off on August 7th

Anyone who has some astrological experience can see this is outrageous stress.  The exact nature of the stress is an UNKNOWN so we can only be ready for action BUT as far as trading we need to be EXTREMELY flexible .. This has the Saturn elements of the astro in the 1930- 1932 period BUT is more concentrated in time and more INTENSE as far as the entire structure of the stress in the 1930s. Lets just say being ready for ANYTHING is prudent. If the period ahead is NOT HANDLED PROPERLY it could result in a complete destruction of the world economy as well as the death of the USA as a sovereign nation. 

I have almost 40 years experience watching and I cannot say what to expect beyond now except by an intuitive process. Those who trade astro using stats only are unlikely to get it right because there are too many forces at work at the same time.  What we do know is we will have NUMEROUS T squares and Grand crosses forming .. For periods like July and August a crisis should be ramping up every week. 

LET ME BE CLEAR.. there is going to be a non stop interplay up in the sky from now into the fall 2010 which could become so confusing as to amount to chaos on the earth plane. When he dust settles this fall I suspect that we will be in unknown territory. 


Saturn aspects

Saturn Uranus opposition

as of this date we are inside of a 2 degree orb of the 4th of 5 Saturn Uranus oppositions.. this last two will be VERY MUCH in play from now all the way through mid August..
April 26th exact in 2 degree orb till May 24th
Saturn goes direct just outside of the 2 degree orb May 30th.. 
Last of the 5 Saturn Uranus oppositions exact July 26th.. Moves past two degree orb on August 13th and is finally over. 

Saturn Pluto square

The final square of three is exact August 21st.. 

Jupiter aspects in sequence.

The first of three Jupiter Saturn oppositions May 22nd. 
Jupiter Uranus conjunction June 8th
Jupiter Pluto square July 24th while Jupiter is at a retrograde station
Jupiter Uranus 2nd conjunction September 19th. 

What to expect?

Saturn tells a story of a massive breakdown of existing structure followed by adversity and repression. Possible martial law scenario here. 

Jupiter speaks of speculative mania bubbles bursting and political incorrectness.  We have a distinct possibility of seeing a cascading series of crash like moves.. 

If there ever was a time in history to throw off the yoke of NWO tyranny it would be this summer.  There is a mid term election in November.. The overlords that have engineered the crisis over many decades should be thrown out and THEN with a clean slate we can begin the process of bring the rule of LAW and the CONSTITUTION back .. 

The USA was born with natal Saturn in Libra only 1 quarter of a degree from the exact middle of Libra at the balance point of the scales. Saturn will be visiting the same degree of Libra on December 2nd 2010... March 23 2011. and the last pass will be August 27th 2011.  

Saturn returns to the location it was at birth connotes MATURING and also CONSEQUENCE.. Will America GROW UP and take a responsibility for leadership  based on the rule of law again?  If so a LOT of laws passed against the public's will are going to be repealed..  There will be trails for treason.. The debt accumulated in the public's name will be repudiated as it was the result of criminal activity. 

I want to be VERY VERY clear.. I have written of the Mayan calendar timing sequence with the actual end of the 5000 plus year calendar being October 28th 2011.  This is a FACT.. 2012 is disinfo.. The Mayan calendar is ABOUT THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS and has not so much to do with earth changes and calamity..  The final phase of the Mayan timing accelerates into a period of change at rates unseen EVER before.. From February 2011 to October when ONE ORDER OF MAGNITUDE OF CHANGE OCCURS IN ONLY 260 DAYS there is a development that is as of now unknown to us. .  In each timing phase on the calendar a period of crisis within each occurs and in the final stage that begins in February 2011 that crisis period is located in August and September of 2011. It is NOT a coincidence to me that Saturn will be at the center point of Libra the scales of JUSTICE during this time. 

I do NOT believe in fate.. In fact I don't believe in ANYTHING because I CAN KNOW simple truths.  If humans are divine spirit that means we determine our own fate. Anyone who cannot see what is going on as of this time in April of 2010 is???? Delusional.. Insane.. or purposely ignorant. OR ALL OF THE ABOVE..  I ask myself every day.. WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THE LEAST WORTHY HUMANS TO DOMINATE THE REST OF US.. 

I have HIGH HOPES that by the time we get to October 28th 2011 a large number of individuals will be ready to take a voyage into the final frontier of human potential during the mysterious period from 10/28/2011 into the climax of the 11/11/11 moment ... into unlimited change in no amount of time... That would be a shift from this 4th world being ruled by greed based on ignorance into an awareness of our collective unity moving into the new 5th world.. 

Should this leap take place then the 14 days after 11/11/11 will be when the initial conceptual process of a new earth are in gestation.. The emergence into this world of the new leadership going forward should take place on or VERY NEAR thanksgiving day 2011. 

I used to live in a room full of mirrors
all I could see was ME
well I take my sprit and crash my mirrors.
Now the whole world is there for me to see....... Jimi Hendrix

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