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Funny, sorts of! They aren't very bright, are they?

They dare to threaten the uniqueness of their 'Elder Brothers'
and draw the 'oven and chambers card' as a last resort, oy vey!

But maybe, well, could be they are more vile and sly as they play?

If you ask yourself 'who and why' the actual abuse campaign in broad public?

Who wants to benefit?

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Only a morally bankrupt Pope could call news of his role in a child abuse cover-up ‘petty gossip’
Pope Ratzinger and the Bushes: Two Peas In a Pedophile Protection Pod
Vatican compares molestation scandal to "persecution of the Jews"
Funny, sorts of! They aren't very bright, are they?
Remember they are all under mind control ~ Parts of their brains have been severely damaged ~ They are delutional and really can't perceive thata they are doing anything wrong! *NM*
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