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No God???

Quoting..."Every single molested child is a statement for all the world to see that there is no god, and the clergy themselves know that."

I can't agree with that. Are people forgetting that we have something called free will? God/Supreme Being/Source/Universal Intelligence is leaving choice up to us.

The Church (humans...old men) made a choice to ignore the priests doing the molestation and the Church chose to ignore the impact on the victims until the legal system said differently. Humans making choices...bad ones. Are people in the Church OK with that because they still choose go to Church? People making decisions for whatever reasons.

Negative things like fear, greed, war, disease, drought, famine, pollution of air, food and water, ignorance, etc. etc. etc. ...all are brought about by manmade choices. To blame the bad things on an absence of God means one lacks knowledge on who they are and who/what God might be. We can go deeper into this if we choose to move beyond who we see in the mirror but it shouldn't be necessary.

Keep things simple...don't blame choices or a lack of choice on God or whatever...the results of our choices fall on our own shoulders.


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OUCH.... WRH's statement on this hurts me.....
The Vatican is Ultimately Responsible .... *LINK*
The most ridiculous excuses of Catholic Clerics I've heard was the attempt to blame the scandal on the 'sexual revolution' and it were 'the children' who seduced the clerics. Crime and Slime! Ugh! *NM*
Church is a very lousy insurance company. A delusional 'hedge fund' without 'terms and conditions' based on fears and false promises. Taking holier than giving. *NM*
No God???
You name it, besides: How many of the abusers were abused themselves thus probably tested and/or prepared for becoming a member of the clerical community of hypocrites? Attempts of Pre-Conditioning? *NM*
The MK-Ultra "Church" of Project Monarch ~ No Unfragmented Mind Left Behind...
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