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American Consumers Told To Gut Chinese-Drywall Homes

This story Stinks in more ways than one...


                     Consumers Told To Gut Chinese-Drywall Homes

                        Wallboard, wiring, sprinkler systems -- all of it should go, two federal agencies say

                                      The American Money Pit


Homeowners who may have hazardous Chinese drywall in their homes should remove it, two government agencies said Friday, in effect advising thousands of people from Florida to California to gut their homes.

Consumers should remove "all possible problem drywall" and replace their electrical wiring, sprinkler systems, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, according to new guidelines issued Friday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Department of Housing and Urban Development...

Authorities began investigating problem drywall in 2008, when homeowners in Florida complained of foul odors seeping from their walls and corrosion in their air conditioners, mirrors, electrical units and jewelry...


Some homeowners complained of health problems, including coughing, nosebleeds, sinus infections and other throat, nose and lung irritation...

Homeowners who had new drywall installed between 2001 and 2008 were instructed to look for blackened copper electrical wiring or air conditioner coils. Inspectors would then test the corrosive conditions in the homes and the drywall.

Now, the same homeowners are being told that the best step is to remove the drywall, which amounts to gutting homes or additions where the cheap, imported building material was used.

It's still unclear who will pay for this process. Thousands of homeowners have filed suit against the Chinese manufacturers who made the drywall and the U.S. companies that sold it...

If it smells like Hydrogen Sulfide, then you know who it is...

                                                                          The Smell of Hell
I'm not defending the Communist Chinese, but we know that Hillary Clinton & the U.S. Gov't have promised the Chinese our land & properties as COLLATERAL on all that U.S. DEBT they've bought up AND we've also seen the Reports that Chinese officials have already been coming over here to Inspect different properties (offices, homes, etc.) they plan to take for their own use, so WHY would they want to sabotage and make unusable -- properties they plan on taking for themselves???  It makes NO SENSE!  Sounds more like it's our own Gov't playing Dirty Tricks -- on us and on the Chinese.  If our own Gov't would plan & execute 9/11, plus all the other terrible crimes they've committed, then they're capable of ANYTHING...



Consumers Told To Gut Chinese-Drywall Homes

Hydrogen Sulfide


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American Consumers Told To Gut Chinese-Drywall Homes
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