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Yes I'm doing my best with what I have or comprehend

There is probably an overlap with this post and the earlier one I Posted on X governor Nancy Shaefer's death (with Doreen's comments about the murder suicide discussion on the Alex Jones show.) I was not coming down on Alex Jones at all, Doreen was doing that on her own. I just commented in that earlier post that I did not hear her friend Mona call into his show, so I can not pass any judgement to as whether Alex was rude to this Mona or not.  (Personally I find it difficult to listen to Alex, because of his anger and drama, but I also acknowledge that he is doing a fine, very difficult job.)

I'm a little riled up today myself reading and watching all this on the Child Protection Services. I have been exposed to much of the same in the native community here in Toronto, and on a personal note my nephew was stolen 44 years ago in Winnipeg. Reason: Mark arrived home from school 1/2 hour earlier than usual and my brother was not there to greet him. Unfit father ... Stolen - never to be seen again!!! It sucks - seems our hands are tied and then you have this wonderful person Nancy Shaeffer that was exposing all this crap and bango she is dead and her husband is dead and they say he murdered her and then shot himself. NOT!! wAKE uP aMERICA! There is a market for child trade out there!

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CPS (Child "Protection" Services), Satanism, MK ULTRA & Drugs Connecting the Dots *LINK*
FABULOUS POST my friend.... EXCELLENT!! A must watch.........
Yes I'm doing my best with what I have or comprehend
Your elaborate thoughts sound very reasonable and plausible and probably are ... ponder!
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