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FABULOUS POST my friend.... EXCELLENT!! A must watch.........

She has humor, wit and tact.  But she's right too.

And as for Alex and the zionist control of the media company.....

GOSH, do I have to spell it out again?  Okay.... here's my take.  Swimming with sharks doesn't mean you're a shark.  It can mean you need to swim with them to get where you're going. Alex seems to want to expose the money changers and their nefarious plans.... and in a very shocking way.  The zionist media that pays for his airtime may be getting something out of it too... like working all angles.  Does Alex remain silent on this issue? OF COURSE.  I honestly can't fault any of his moves though, not one.  I would probably do the same. You must play ball to get on the field, and then you're in play.  Not all Zionist want their total world domination, some even want you dead.  All kidding a side.... You need to be prepared to be in game with the players at the table.  That's just the facts.  I think Alex is spreading the fear and information through to the people for them, and he's informing the people and waking them up for You and I. I think that Alex is a free man that isn't controled by his sponsors, advertisers nor the media company. Maybe he finds it ironic, that the banksters are actually funding him to their own demise?  Bottom Line: Don't bite the hand that feeds you! Staying in the game can be the most prudent option for all Mankind.   

Now I could be wrong... but I think he's a guy with a great heart and that he is honestly just trying his damn best with what's possible.


If you don't sleep with the enemy, how will you ever know he's your friend?

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FABULOUS POST my friend.... EXCELLENT!! A must watch.........
Yes I'm doing my best with what I have or comprehend
Your elaborate thoughts sound very reasonable and plausible and probably are ... ponder!
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