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Nancy and Bruce Shaeffer ~ was it murder/suicide? Alex Jones Apr 1 *LINK*

Doreen Dotan's Youtube channel and her thoughts on the recent Alex Jones Coverage of the deaths of Nancy (child Protection Services advocate) and Nancy's husband Bruce Shaeffer.

To me something is not sitting right  ...  Who really is this William Fain coming forth on Alex Jones' Show? and why is he so sure that Nancy and Bruce Schaeffer were not murdered by TPTB? He makes claims, (weak as they are) that Bruce (the husband) had planned to murder Nancy and then turned the gun on himself.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Doreen's channel) 



and last the Alex Jones Interview with William Fain (who is making a movie about all this????) to be released within 30 days:

(and no where in this interview do I hear Doreen's friend Mona call in to the Alex Jones show as Doreen states in her video above.... Doreen's comments on her youtube channel video about Alex Jones seem more potent than the actual evidence provided by the interview itself, unless of course you hear differently in the live stream or has it been edited taking out Mona's call?)



More on Nancy:

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Nancy and Bruce Shaeffer ~ was it murder/suicide? Alex Jones Apr 1 *LINK*
Nancy Schaeffer's article "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services" *LINK*
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