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Wilcock's Book Still In Progress -- But Hancock's is Finished!! *LINK*

April 4 ,2010

Before I talk about Graham Hancock's new book -- the good guys' scintillating new answer to Dan Brown -- here's an update about my progress on my own book to answer your many questions about how the writing process is going.

The short and sweet answer is that I'm having a phenomenally good time with it!


No one can know for sure what will happen in 2012. Some think it's just another year. Others are predicting TEOTWAWKI... The End Of The World As We Know It. And then you have a precious few guys like me out there, who are making very compelling scientific arguments that it isn't Doom and Gloom at all.

Regardless of what the outcome will be, now is the time. We don't have to wait much longer. And when you really understand the scope of the prophecies we've inherited surrounding this date, it becomes a very fascinating story to investigate. 

Since the time is so short now, I'm not holding anything back as I finish writing 2012 Enigma for mass-market release this fall.

A few people attacked me for merely being honest about how much of an incredible quantum leap I've made in my own research, practically in every single category I've ever investigated -- but once you see the end product, it will be very obvious I was telling you the truth.

This is what happens when you spread out everything you've ever done on the table and synthesize it all together in a grand mega-outline form. Suddenly things pop out that you've never seen before. Even so, I never expected it would completely redefine everything I ever thought I knew!

It has been wonderful to solve some of my most perplexing problems. I honestly do feel as if, in some ways, I wasn't allowed to figure all this stuff out until now -- it wouldn't have been the right time.

More at David Wilcock's site:

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Wilcock's Book Still In Progress -- But Hancock's is Finished!! *LINK*
a lot of 'cock people here just in time for the Easter Egg ceremonies ... :D *NM*
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