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Mercury RetroGrade Coming Up! (Again?)
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Mercury Retrograde starts April 7!
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Dear Friends,
The energy is beginning to build! Can you feel it? Those of you who came to my talk in January got a heads up about what is happening astrologically.  As I mentioned, 2010 is an active year energetically, with more significant themes than ever playing a part in our lives.  Here is a recap of Nancy Arcayna's article from the Star-Bulletin, which she wrote after attending my presentation. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE  If you missed my January presentation, please join me for a smaller informal gathering on Tuesday, April 6th.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 
Planetary Cycles

We are moving into an intense time. Without getting into the nitty-gritty planetary details here, we can see that intensity in the news in the struggle and resulting emotional turmoil as President Obama's healthcare plan passed, and in the recent storms, earthquakes, tsunami threats and more.  We can also see it in the lives of people we know (and even ourselves), as decisions that need to be made come to the forefront, and new directions are the name of the game.  Any heart-centered needs that have been suppressed will assert themselves into your awareness even stronger than before.  Anything that needs to change will be looking for a way to do so.  The part of you that has felt overwhelmed or overloaded and as if you have reached your limits (physically, emotionally, or mentally), is ready to find a new way.  Those in your life who have grown accustomed to the way you have extended your energy will not only dislike changes on your part, but they will have to change as well.

How to Make a Change Without Guilt 


Many of my clients have expressed the need and desire to make changes, but feel guilty about or are "afraid" of the consequences (being rejected or criticized by family, spouse, kids, boss, etc.).  These are times when our heart's choices take the reins.  We can no longer stuff our feelings and "grin and bear it."
To make guilt-free changes, write down all the benefits that will accrue from a change and all the disadvantages that will accrue without a change.  Note the fears you have and the benefit that will accrue if you worked through that fear.  When the "why" is big enough, the "how" will naturally emerge.

Shift your perspective. When you see the value of making a change, you will more easily develop a strategy to bring about that change.  The most important thing is to write down the pros and cons.  Thinking it through will not work.  You will remain in a state of frustration and indecision and the path to change will remain elusive.  Write out the pros and cons, and your path will become evident.


A Summer T-square in the Sky

This T-square is an alignment of the heavy-hitter planets: Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus (to be joined soon by Jupiter).  The movement of the planets into this position deems that destruction in some form is necessary.  Your old paradigms of thought and perspective will need to shift and your willingness to rethink your life and break out of old patterns will save you.  If you are just trying to survive, you will find the incoming cycles uncomfortable. Your efforts toward change will pay off later.

Be aware of where you are in your life. If you do not express yourself in the fullest, you will feel the need for freedom, and, if necessary, the part of you that is ready to ignite will be ready for a revolution.  If this is you, start now by making some mini changes in your life to prepare for this summer. Practice flexibility, listening to your inner voice and taking better care of yourself in the months ahead.  We are moving into a great time to charge forward.

Mercury retrograde will start on April 7th and will last until May 11th.   I've written a new article on the retrograde that you can read here: [LINK] We are living in extraordinary times when the possibilities for what we can experience have no limits.

Fear not.  Everything that is happening, and that you are feeling, serves to take you from the old into the new.  Stand straight, open your heart, take a deep breath, move forward and know that everything is in divine order.  Let's walk this path of life hand in hand, heart to heart.

Blessings always,
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Mercury RetroGrade Coming Up! (Again?)
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