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CANADA to Surrender Its Sovereignty to NWO Under Proposed Law *LINK*

 Oh, too...

         Canada to Surrender Its Sovereignty to NWO Under Proposed Law

                           C-6 “The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act”


C-6’s language is a constitutional nightmare: within it are eight blatant violations, ranging from warrantless search and seizure to being guilty until proven innocent, in a complete diversion from due process of law, all based on the opinion of a Health Canada inspector, and adjudicated by the Health Minister. However, as dire the portents of these breaches of the Constitution are, they pale in comparison to the catastrophic effects of Sections 2 and 14, which make Canadians “subject to the dictates of foreign authorities”… authorities which are unnamed and undefined, but may include governments and associations. (Read trade groups, WTO, WHO, NAFTA, etc.)

What that means, in plain English, is that if a group to which Canada is signatory decides to adopt a standard which violates Canadian law, that standard must be adopted, regardless of existing law, because these groups are not social clubs, as the WTO says on its website:

“The WTO Agreement is a treaty – the international equivalent of a contract. It is self-evident that in an exercise of their sovereignty, and in pursuit of their own respective national interests, the Members of the WTO have made a bargain. In exchange for the benefits they expect to derive as Members of the WTO, they have agreed to exercise their sovereignty according to the commitments they have made in the WTO Agreement.”

Just one of those little things they failed to wave under our noses before signing us up for foreign control of our sovereign laws, a fait accompli that is only now becoming apparent.

What’s curious is that nobody seems to want to talk about it: it is the penultimate elephant in the living room. But the effect of these seemingly-beneficial agreements is, in fact, the foundation -- by stealth -- of global governance...


Does Canada have a Safety Net?  Yeah, but I think it has a Big Hole in it...






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