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David Icke's old website layout showed a pyramid with the capstone. *PIC*

I dislike his rather childish illustrations on the front cover of his books and his egocentric self-promotion on his web site. On his old but more symbol-loaden website you got a lot of stuff rubbed under your nose until you finally reached the actual headline.

As I had mentioned before:
What made me skeptic about him was that he didn't mention the 'accident' aka murder of Austrian Party Leader Jörg Haider with not even one word.
A lot of alternative web pages reported about this strange convenient 'accident' but he didn't .... is he in the pockets of London Rothschilds?

When the WTC towers had collapsed I sent him a facsimile with a collection of my observations and preliminary conclusions (that were very close to reality, in retrospect). And what did he do? He posted it in a twisted way on his web site with the clear intention to ridicule it, some 'anti-continental' ressentiments included.

Not exactly what I had expected to get, if you take his efforts as an investigator and as a truthful publisher to be sincere and serious.

but nevertheless, I'm skeptic to both sides

Ryde Lodge No 698
[hear hear]
!Due to a Hack last night this site has been taken down!

Somebody got the 'reptile by the tail'?
Or is it a deliberate campaign to discredit the supreme lizard expert?

Behold the accuser! (gorilla199)

"I don't have knowledge of any web site yet for Ryde Lodge" stopped to backup the David Icke site in 2008.

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The End of David Icke? Part 1 *LINK*
I think this is total bull shat
Agreed. 'Ryde Lodge 698' seems to be a stupid FAKE to decry Icke's work.
I Know so too. Why bother wasting our time *NM*
David Icke's old website layout showed a pyramid with the capstone. *PIC*
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