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The Norway Spiral by Joseph P. Skipper *LINK*




Report #175

December 16, 2009

Joseph P. Skipper


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As many of you know and have likely seen in the news casts and/or online, the above image represents a strange aerial event that occurred in the night sky over Norway on December 9, 2009 with thousands witnessing it and many taking pictures of it. Note the tapered blue color helical shape that appears to originate from a bright light source just over the horizon behind some mountains and appears to terminate in a huge bright white color spiral much like some strange fireworks display. Remember now that this is a still photo and does not reflect the fact that this spiral display is actually in the process of rotating.

Now, just like most before me making comment on this, I do not profess to know what or who caused this. The explanation that many have accepted is that this may be a failed rocket launch where the rocket spins out of control. Rockets at launch have spun out of control before and were quickly destroyed. It is a simple straight forward preferred explanation by design and the reason for its acceptance by many. However, as others observe, out of control launched rockets historically do not behave in this manner with this long very straight directional quality nor result in a light color spiral rotating display and that of course leaves the question hanging for many.

Some also grasp at other considered more radical speculations such as someone experimenting with opening a worm hole, a spiral UFO, or that aliens may have something to do with this. As I say, like just about everyone else including the experts, I do not know what caused this or whether it is natural or artificial in origin. However, since so many have asked me what I think about this phenomena, I am compelled to make some comment for your consideration. The question becomes can I add anything to what has already been speculated? We'll see.

First let me say that I do not trust either the Russian initial denial that it was one of theirs or for that matter their later acceptance that it was the failure of their Bulava Intercontinental missile experiment. I suspect that the globalist heat was on them to accept responsibility since the origin appeared to have come from their air space and they finally cooperated. I suspect this explanation that will fit with most people's comfort level is more desirable from a globalist secrecy point of view rather than everyone (including secrecy) having to admit that they don't really have a clue.

Let's face it, this is a phenomenon in Norway's night sky very much like crop circles detected at ground level. Yes it has a cause but, like most of the crop circle evidence, it is one that we do not yet understand and humans do not like that. So we too often try to force round pegs into square holes hoping to get some relief from not knowing. Too often we accept inadequate explanations overlayed over the truth just to avoid being disturbed. If none of that works very well, that's why we have descriptive terms like anomaly and phenomena to mentally dismiss and push inexplicable things off to the side so that we don't have to deal with them.

Did you know that past sightings similar to this spiral display have apparently been seen in China over the last few years? Maybe they were rocket launches that went out of control there too? Since the speculations are hot and heavy and all over the place, I'm not going to bore you with more of what others are already saying. I think I'll take a bit different tack and offer that up for your consideration.

When ancient man started banding together the focus in most places was just on survival and his growing art and doodling's on cave walls and rocks reflected that with emphasis on depicting animals as a survival resource. In some places the resource was plentiful enough to offer some a little spare time allowing time for the contemplation of more abstract concepts. Part of that was observing the heavens with wonder in the evening hours. Over time that familiarity with what is familiar as well as unfamiliar in the heavens became more entrenched and part of everyday life. You can I'm sure imagine what tribal man's reaction would be to something out of the ordinary occurring in night sky like the Norway spiral.

That brings me to my point. What if an inexplicable glowing and turning spiral formed in that ancient's night sky. Just as in our time, in his time it would be extremely rare yet extremely obvious and quite extraordinary to his and his tribe's experience. You can imagine his sense of astonishment and wonder because he knows from long experience that such a display isn't common in the heavens. It would likely imprint in any mind that can entertain abstract concepts and then be reflected as a mystery in his art and might even turn into a belief system and/or religion as ancient's also try to force round pegs into square holes.

The above spiral designs are all from at or nearby Newgrange Megalithic Passage Tomb in Ireland. This tomb was built they think around 3200 BC over 5,200 years ago at the historical dawn of current western civilization while the green field crop circle was discovered in a wheat field in 2004. It should be noted that in our time the proliferation of large agricultural field surfaces over broad areas provide a very nice flat smooth even if temporary surface or canvass and spiral patterns of great variety are very common in crop circle phenomena in such fields.

Could there be a connection between the Norway aerial spiral display and spiral crop circles in the same general area of the western world? After all there isn't that much distance between Norway and Ireland. Has something imprinted on the atmosphere instead of at ground level. Is it an occurrence from not understood natural causation or something created and imprinted by intelligence and/or high technology? The spiral pattern as a still depiction is common all over the world in ancient times as the above and following images and their locations suggest in a brief search.
The above spiral image is from an ancient site at Hovenweep National
Monument in Chaco Canyon here in the southwestern USA
The above spiral image is apparently from an ancient site some
10 miles south of Alice Springs in Australia near Pine Gap

As the biblical story goes, unusual repeated displays in the night sky led wise men to seek out the birth site of Jesus who later served up the foundation of Christianity. By this time in history and human civilization, unusual displays in the heavens were not just regarded as extraordinary, they were regarded as omens and advanced announcements of something coming into their lives.

For example, as the story goes, several hundred years later after Jesus, the Emperor Constantine struggling for control of the entire Roman empire was preparing for that final battle when he saw a display in the form of a cross. He took it as a sign typical of the time, preyed to it, and for his part struck a bargain for help in the battle. When he won the battle and became Emperor over all the Empire, he elevated the small persecuted and struggling Christian religion as the Roman Empire's primary religion and that essentially meant the whole of the western world.

As most of us know, this resulted in the Bible as we know it, the world wide Catholic church power and influence, and Christianity sweeping across western civilization changing the course of history in the western environs and terrible prolonged blood shed. All beginning with some extraordinary displays interpreted as signs. So it might not be a good idea to just too quickly dismiss aerial manifestations in favor of modern insight and comfort levels. Even if they aren't "signs" and may be some natural phenomenon, man can interpret them as something more than that and go for changing history.

If we look at it from a "sign" point of view, what might such a sign herald as coming? The only event that I can think of is that this display happened only a day or so before President Obama was to appear in Norway and make a speech heard around the world and to the world in accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. If it is a sign generated by intelligent design, could it be someone else's stamp of approval for the ideals and path for Earth espoused in that speech? Could it also be a warning meant only for secrecy types to have a care in their plotting against this path? If so, is there anyone intelligent enough here to recognize it?

You have to understand where I am coming from with such admittedly pure speculation. Despite the extensive obfuscation, the visual evidence that I find leads me to the conclusion that intelligent life other than our own exists and in variety and much of it with technology so far advanced beyond our own that some of it appears a bit mystical to Earth humans. Remember that the secrecy types do not have to contend with all of the visual evidence obfuscation that I must wade through in space exploration imaging. So logically, unless they have been brainwashed, they have evidential information good enough so that they KNOW about this without debating whether it is true or not.

Therefore, logically, anyone other than us wishing to interact with Earth humans as a race in a beneficial way to our race must contend with the problem of who is in command here (no one) to contact. Certainly it isn't the globalist secrecy types because they are blindly addicted to power and control and manipulations expedient to their personal ends and which exclude Earth populations except in so far as we populations can be used to their purposes. Remember, what you put out is what you get back. As manipulators, their speculated contact with others is without a doubt limited to other manipulators. That suggests that neither side cares about Earth's populations as anything other than an inconvenient but needed resource.

Meanwhile Earth's populations are slumbering at the helm and for the most part willingly unaware of this as we've all been trained to focus on the mundane and leave the driving to someone else, in fact anyone else. However, at the same time our advancing technology is relentlessly driving us into near future contact with those that are not us and toward a far more sophisticated and complex environment that too many of us are currently not equipped to handle due to our head in the dirt myopic isolation.

For anyone not us aspiring to ethical beneficial goals and principles, this presents a dilemma. Direct intervention as an option at this point guarantees that they become a part of and in part responsible for our coming adjustment problems and upheaval and yet open contact is now close at hand, unavoidable and inevitable. In such circumstances their own moral and ethic may prevent direct intervention. Also, in such circumstances, subtlety would be the desired course. Perhaps some crop circles and these extremely rare events in this sky all down through time are attempts at communication and/or support through symbolism important to them but not adequately understood by us?

If any of this speculation has any truth to it, the globalist secrecy manipulator types from their better informed level would almost certainly see such a message display as a threat to them and their goals. Further, they may be right. It may be a threat and an overt one, at least to them and their intentions. The display could be a dual message, one of support for the principles espoused in Obama's speech and one of warning for others to stand down if their plotting appeared to be going too far.

If the Norway display is a message using symbolism, why a spiral? Certainly the spiral is a universal compact efficient shape. Further, it does not pick out any one people on planet Earth to appeal to resulting in polarization of others. Further, such a shape may be very familiar and important to who may be sending it from, dare I say it, one galaxy to another.
From Hubble Heritage - Spiral Galaxy NGC 4622

A galaxy is a spiral shape and it is also rotating as well as moving directionally and expanding. Further, it most likely contains within it a great multitude of intelligent life with a great many evolutionary paths and a great many differences. Therefore, as a symbol, a spiral's appeal is universal and not any one people or race specific. If a people wish to communicate via symbolism with all the people of Earth, a spiral representing the galactic configuration is an excellent all encompassing symbolism choice, that is if the recipients can open their consciousness just a little and grasp such abstract concepts.

I am also reminded that the spiral wasn't the only thing seen in the Norway night sky that evening. There was also the long blue and narrow directional shape terminating in the big rotating spiral pattern. Please note in the first image at the beginning of this commentary that this formed a helix or coil shape. As many of you are no doubt aware, the helix shape is most often associated with molecular and atomic levels as well as DNA and therefore the basis of life as we know it.

First comes life at its base tight atomic structure level and then comes the journey of life advancing directionally to finally greater expanding awareness. How is that for symbolism? Is someone trying to communicate this progressive commonality that we all share in a way that is important to them and hopefully eventually important to us? Could it be that such a display is not only a message to more than one type here on Earth but a test of our recognition ability and subsequent behavior?

Sorry if I went all abstract and metaphysical on you deviating from my normal haunts but I thought that this line of more abstract speculation tying into the ancient past evidence and more current crop circle evidence might at least be worth a look. Also, if any of this might hit close to home, this line of thought of independence and universality might not sit well with the manipulators that would likely prefer us to think inside their box in terms of Russian rockets and that would be a bonus.

Joseph P. Skipper


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