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Re: Notice To World Court - Twice Weekly Calls

...This is to let you know that there is a semi-quiet (but getting louder), Very Serious movement afoot on the Great Turtle Island in Manitoba and other areas of Canada as well as Alaska and the lower 48.

The spirit behind this movement is Scott Phillip Hayes, King Chief, also called Okimow-Wacon Nepakaneepawit [INDIAN MOON RAVENSTONE]. Indianmoon@shaw.ca is his email, but he's currently experiencing computer problems (aren't we all). We refer to him as Moon.

His heritage is as a direct descendant of James Patrick Hayes, an ancient High King of Ireland, who came to and remained on this Land and married a Mohawk/Iroquois Princess back in the 1300s or 1400s. Moon is a Representative of the 16 Plenipotentiaries of the Original Peoples, and is considered by some as the Crown Fiduciary Trustee and Recognized and Authorized by some of the Women of this LAND, known as and called by other Original Inhabitants, Turtle Island, of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Moon and his helpers hold conference calls on Tues and Sat at 8:00pm Eastern at 641 - 715 - 3620 pin # 988562 ...Moon's tone is, understandably, a bit frustrated...however, try not to hold that against him. His spirit is good and he comes in Peace even though he and many of his people live in 3rd and 4th world conditions in Winnipeg, etc. and has been terribly damaged, both physically and mentally, by the Canadian bureaucratic infrastructure. These calls are attended by both Originals and Colonials as we try make our collective voices heard as we work toward the Bad Men (and Women) Removed. If you have the time it might be enlightening if you attend one of the calls and just listen to get a flavor of what they're all about... you may or may not agree with the tenor or the goals, though The calls last for about 2 hours. The focus is mainly Canadian, but Original's issues from all over the U.S. and other areas of Turtle Island, and beyond, are discussed.

There is also a bare-bones website/forum at http://www.ghostchild.org
It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't...

Scott's/Moon's address and phone:
148 Stephens St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba (R2W 3H2) (Purple ink on the envelope is appreciated.)
204 - 282 - 0719 Home

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