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Did Palin create the company named Pie Spy LLC while in office? :D *PIC*


Sarah engaged in pie and spy affairs? Lest I've seen hard proof - I betch'ya - methinks this is all rumors and rumors of rumors .... ponder scratch my head .... but if it is so, pardon, if it is not so as they say it is, so, if it seems to be only hearsay, hey, why wasn't it published at Rumour Mill News?




A small mystery in Sarah Palin's personal financial disclosure:

In April, while still governor, she founded what she describes as a "marketing" business, called "Pie Spy."

Palin lists herself as the owner of the limited liability company, which was incorporated in March by her spokeswoman, Meghan Stapleton, who listed Palin's lawyer, Thomas Van Flien, as its agent.

The April 3 filing with the Alaska Department of Commerce offers just one more hint as to the company's purpose: It is listed with a North American Industry Classification System code corresponding to companies that provide services to the elderly or to people with disabilities.

Stapleton and Van Flein didn't respond to questions about Pie Spy.

Palin created company while in office

A collection of the gall spit in comments. So terribly rumorous!

And in the meantime Palin got a home loan from Wells Fargo, WHile Obama got his House and land loan from money launderer Rezko.

All politics aside, that's a stupid name for a company.

She's more of a crook and a fraud than any of us know, and to resign to make money is unforgivable..

.....but a good name for a porn site.

Domain name already taken by a publisher of recipe books. Dumb name, nonetheless.

sick sick...and calls herself a Chrisitan? all is greed...Palin God sees all ...a hypocrite.? feed MY sheep.......

more proof what ever republicans GOP Blue dogs accuse others of doing..know they themselves are doing it..under the radar...in reverse.....accuse accuse is their game to get the truth and heat of what they are really doing off them....make the other guy look bad...Jesus called men woman like this...SOOTHSAYERS....money changers...hide behind the veil of their mask..that is why only God is our judge...knows all truth..they carry their bibles..as a mask wolves in sheep clothing..

A sure sign of Palin Derrangement Syndrome is reading something a benign as this and immediately steering your twisted mind to thoughts of corrruption. Get help!

death panels..accuse accuse others but are the ones really doing it.

You Palinbots are loony if you think she'll ever actually run for president. The pay cut wouldn't interest her. Sarah's all about the mmmmooooonnnnnneeeeeeyyyyy!!!

inding companies that provide services to the elderly with disabilities also.....for what purpose? Why the secret? all are registered...hello? Pie Spy? spying on people who do help the elderly and disabilites? for what purpose? Pie Spy says it all....sick

... and on it goes, horrendous rumours!

Fact is, Sarah said "The Chant is: Drill, Baby, Drill!"

(but didn't she mean "Screw, Baby, Screw"?
Okay, ah sorry, rumours of course, not my business)

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Did Palin create the company named Pie Spy LLC while in office? :D *PIC*
New Label for Scarah: Granny Grifter! LOL. Woooaaah! *PIC*
Palin for President 2012 :)
I assume you're kidding. Plastic surgery - which body part(s)?
You're Sick!!!! *NM*
dementia praecox? board flu? - oh yeah, board flu ... have a vaccine? :D
She is going to Fox News !..... Ever wonder why the world is going to hell in a hand basket?
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