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Here is the article about the scientist that was released by Obama from
the gov. that took him captive a year and a half ago and will now be allowed to produce his free energy machine for not only us but the world. wow! Top secret free energy scientist enters contract with Greer's Orion Project*On Christmas day, Steven Greer announced that the 'top secret' inventor they've talked about has been released early from military seclusion, and has contracted with them to bring a Tesla-related free energy technology to the world.*

by Sterling D. Allan
*Pure Energy Systems News
*Copyright © 2009

On Christmas day, as "a Christmas present to the world," Steven Greer, M.D., and his science advisor, Ted Loder, Ph.D., from the Orion Project,
on the World Puja Network that the "top secret" inventor they've talked about over the past year has been released early from military seclusion, and has contracted with them to begin bringing various technologies he has developed (at taxpayer expense) to the world, beginning with a free energy technology in the tradition of Nikola Tesla.

They expect that the technology will be ready to bring to the public by
April, capable of several kilowatts of continuous output. Greer said that
the Orion Project signed a contract with this top secret scientist some ten
days prior to the Dec. 25 announcement.

Both Doctors Greer and Loder have been involved for years in combing the
world for a technology like this that could break our addiction to polluting fossil fuels and the control paradigm associated with them; providing instead a cheap, clean, reliable energy technology capable of being scaled to power everything in a distributed manner, from cars to homes and individual appliances. In this pursuit, Loder said "there have been some bad trails and bad directions at times; it's been a frustrating process at times. Now, finally, we're ready to jump."

"This scientist, by far, is the most knowledgeable and skilled -- and genius -- inventor and physicist that I've ever met; and I've met a lot of
interesting people", said Greer. The inventor, who will be unnamed for
security purposes, has top clearances in the U.S. military.

Loder said, "This is just what we've been searching for all these years.
What he's bringing to the table is his thorough mathematical understanding
of electronics and physics; [adding] modern technologies to optimize the

Greer and Loder reminisced about the first time they went to visit this
inventor's lab about 4.5 years ago, and how they were stunned at what he
had, and how they wished he could be part of their operation. Now, thanks to the help of a lot of people's donations and other support, the Orion Project has been able to secure a contract with this inventor.

Their purpose in making this announcement was both to bring in additional
support for the project, as well as to increase the education of people to
the alternatives and the hope that they bring for a better world coming.
They are counting on the shield of protection provided from the community
through this exposure so that this technology can make it to the world
without being sequestered. They will need financial resources and moral

They plan to build a research laboratory to support this top secret inventor so that he can have both the tools and personnel needed to accelerate the development of the technology for public use. During this phase, they plan o bring in half a dozen scientists and engineers.

Loder said the energy technology is based on concepts and prototypes and
patents first put forth more than 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla and
implemented by many scientists and inventors since then to various extents.

Greer said it has been replicated and verified by a senior scientist in the
U.S. Department of Defense who has direct access to the Secretary of
Defense. "Independent replication is the sin quin non of science", said

Apparently, there's a lot more where this came from, and once that energy
technology has been delivered to the public, the inventor has other
technologies that the Orion Project will begin to develop and bring forward.
Greer said, "We're dealing with someone who has a track record of thirty
years of building these technologies; and being under contract with top
secret programs; and has actually built things to the level of things
dematerializing, teleporting, and space-time alteration. We're talking
really advanced stuff." Greer says that in the military secret ops, such
projects are referred to as WSFM which stands for "Weird Science and
Freakin' Magic."

The purpose of starting with the Tesla-based technology would be prove to
the world that free energy can be had from the environment 24/7/365 via a
device that is affordable even in the developing world, subsidized at first
from sales of the device in the developed world.

"Let's walk before we levitate – get our civilization out of the dust bin of oal, and oil and sludge and mess. As civilization stabilizes; and we put in he means to ensure that these technologies are only used for peaceful means nd are not militarized or weaponized; then these more advanced concepts can ome forward." – Greer

More than a year ago, the Orion Project had thought they were going to be
able to move forward with this inventor, but then he was spirited away into
a top secret military operation and was incommunicado. They were told that
it would be at least a year and a half before he would be available again.

Greer speculates that the many people petitioning the government for his
release may have been instrumental in his early release so that they could
resume their business relationship with him, which was cemented on around
Dec. 15.

Last January, Greer chose to compose a briefing for President Obama about
various free energy technologies in general and about this inventor in
particular, asking that the Orion Project be allowed to work with inventor
to bring his technologies forward in a sort of "peaceful Manhattan Project". That briefing was then published on
TheOrionProject.org http://theorionproject.org/
website on Oct. 24.

Greer points out that the technologies developed by this top secret
scientist were done at taxpayer expense, "yet you never hear the department
of energy talking about them. It's about time these technologies got into
the hands of the public who paid for them", Greer said.

Now the technology is being taken forward by a private organization, though
apparently not necessarily with the full cooperation of the U.S.
government. Greer posits that if the 100s of billions and even trillions of
government spending for energy solutions were put into this technology, each person could have their own generator at home.

About a year and a half ago, the Orion Project launched a fund drive to
raise $3 million for the purpose of developing and/or finding such a
technology. They've not yet raised that amount, and are asking their
supporters to chip in to help raise the additional several $100k they'll
need to build their research facility in Charlottesville, Virginian, not far from the historic Thomas Jefferson Monticello property. "We'll have to
create a whole new scientific process," said Greer.

Of the moneys raised so far, Greer said that neither he nor Loder have used
any of it for themselves, but they have been doing this on a purely
voluntary basis. Greer, who used to be an Emergency Room doctor recently
gave up that career in order to pursue the quest for a free energy solution
full time. His associate, Dr. Jan Bravo, likewise recently left her
practice in California for the same objective.

In the future, "if there should be any profits from the sale of this
technology, it should go toward helping impoverished people getting these
technologies for free", said Greer; and he said "the inventor feels the same way."

Speaking of history-making, Greer said:

"This is one of the most significant undertakings in the history of our
country, as we try to bring forward, very boldly, and decisively, the
sciences and technologies that would get our country off of oil and gas and
coal and nuclear power; and into clean, free energy; so that every home and
business and facility in America and the world may be running on this type
of energy, without any costs, once you have the device in place; and without any pollution or impact on the environment. "

As the one who launched the Disclosure Project
getting 100+ top military, government and airline leaders to come forward on the record with their knowledge regarding "UFO"s and other
extraterrestrial- related interactions; it is fitting that Greer would see
his long-sought- after free energy technology come from a military insider
who developed the technology at taxpayer expense, which has been sequestered until now, but which now is apparently going to be brought forward for civilian use.

I've added this technology to the *top position* of my short list of
technologies I'll be drawing from next week in my presentation about theTop
10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies
a the Earth Transformation conference.

As for destiny, Greer said: "The fuse is lit; this rocket is taking off."

# # #
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Greer-Loder announcement, Dec. 25, 2009

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