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Verkhoyansk today MINUS -59° F = -51° C !

Current conditions

Clear -59 °F
Feels Like: -59°
Barometer: 31.1 in
Dewpoint: -64°
Humidity: 68%
Visibility: 6 mi
Sun rise: 11:24
Sun set: 12:59
As of 03/01 21:00

Observed at Verhojansk

can please somebody explain to me
how wet 68% humidity feels at -59° F?

and what's the dewing point at -64° F to be meant?

a community of roundabout 1400 people living up there at the 67° latitude,
I think they would enjoy a 'summer vacation' in Wasilla or Calgary, right now

Father Frost aka Ded Moroz

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