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Planet Alert...Mahala's ideas
By shiva777
quantum universe to astronomical models, as well as correlating Hopi prophecy, he theorizes there is going to be a massive energy shift as our solar system crosses into another "galactic shell." After this shift, he believes the solar ... Cliff High of Web Bots says the Sun is being wound up like a clock and ready to let go at any time. It's being wound up by magnetic strings and when it lets go, a large magnetic ball will come off the Sun followed by a CME. ...
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Google Web Alert for: web bots, prophesy

Prophecies for 2010 | Gather
Those familiar the "web bot" prophecies will understand that predominant human thought .... Tags: prophecy, nostradamus, 2010, 2012, religion, environment, ...

'prophecy' || teaching children about prophecy : mayans prophecy ...
web bot prophecy 2008 true prophecy for america the prophecy 23 modification moth man prophecy bible prophecy made easy emergence of israelite prophecy ...

Those familiar the "web bot" prophecies will understand that predominant human thought creates the predominant human reality. This 'fact' has been revealed ...

World's expiry date: 21 December 2012?- ET Cetera-News By Industry ...
LONDON: The world will end on 21 December 2012, claims "web-bot" technology that has pushed apocalyptic prophecy into the internet age. ...

Apocalypse 2012 At last_ science and ancient prophecy appear to
At last, science and ancient prophecy appear to be on the same page. ... The Web Bot Project has made a number of other successful predictions, according to ...

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