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When the sly rats leave the sinking ship we can be darn sure the boat is steered towards collision and will drown soon.

IMO always a good advice trying to keep an eye on what the mighty and influential
As we know, the front stage is cheap diversion and entertainment for the gullible sheeple. As we know also, the daily ballyhoo serves as a smoke screen to protect the mighty thieves so that they can calmly secure their prey and move to safe grounds long before the planned catastrophe hits the exploited society. It's all too obvious! But who wants to listen?

You may call it

The Titanic Theater

in remembrance of the insurance fraud with the sunken passenger ship and its twin vessel, when some of the rich and famous rats didn't embark in the first place and some other rats on the upper decks left first while the orchestra was ordered to continue playing to distract the doomed 'useless passengers'.

I'm sure the prey of Madoff (made off), Lehman (lendman), Goldman (sucks) et al is transferred and materialized in places the foolya media won't tell us and the average Joe would never expect it, for example in Russia or in China or in India, the alleged rogue countries.

China - the New Jerusalem.
Shanghai - the next New York.

The Greatest Communist Fiefdom
based on cabbalistic bolshevik ideology.
A sledge hammer to bring down the USA.
Chinese troops in Mexico, Panama channel
under chinese control, the biggest communistic state been enforced by people like the Clintons and other bolshevik traitors in high places, nothing new then. Game as usual. The ground prepared by the US Pentagon itself during and after World War II. Who owns the Pentagon and the US Military?

And who runs this huge Chinese Empire in reality? The Chinese people?

What can we do?

Boycott the system? Exchange essential information, avoid the daily traps of disinformation laid out in the internet by the special agents to keep the blinded running round in circles, hopping from one link to the next link till exhaustion only to find out that it must be a closed circus?

Aliens? UFOs? Parallel World?
The Spielberg Casinos!

A Pile Of Garbage!

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2010 PREDITIONS start now! Gloom, doom or kaaboom? Predict and see what 2010 could be.
One of the richest on earth buys trains! "a bet on the country..." Me thinks not! A globally gloomy dire prediction.
When the sly rats leave the sinking ship we can be darn sure the boat is steered towards collision and will drown soon.
This May not be what you looking for, but ...
Very deep, but I've already been there. TNT only strengthens what took me a lifetime to know. *NM*
Say what! So YOU don't like the 'phenominal' that much, do you? :D
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