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One of the richest on earth buys trains! "a bet on the country..." Me thinks not! A globally gloomy dire prediction.

2010 prdiction: Bottom falls out on Wall Street and tanks world economy

A popular saying in American is follow the money trail. Which essentially means if you follow the flow of money being spent or paid your going to find your answer. In this case it's a little too obvious, but nobody is hardly paying attention these days.

When Warren Buffett who is arguably the richest man on the world throws out a massive $44 billion to purchase a hard asset such as Burlington Northern SF railway, which dominates the railroad industry in the US, is he saying he wants to be a railroad barron or is he hinting that your money will be worthless soon so you better start buying some hard worthwhile assets.

Or how about Ted Turner the television network tycoon. He enjoys dumping his fortune and buying millions of acres of the high ground in the Western US.

Or how about Bill Gates chunking off his massive $58 billion dollar fortune to provide immediate relief efforts around the world while the dollar still has value. Sounds to me he's trying to buy his way into heaven.

Then of course there are the major US companys that nobody ever thought would fail: GM General Motors or what we lovingly now refer as Government Motors, Chrysler, Enron, WorldCom, AIG, etc the list goes on and on.

**Do what the smart people are doing and get the hell out of paper assets and get into something you can feel and touch. The bottom is dropping and it is going to be dropping soon.


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2010 PREDITIONS start now! Gloom, doom or kaaboom? Predict and see what 2010 could be.
One of the richest on earth buys trains! "a bet on the country..." Me thinks not! A globally gloomy dire prediction.
When the sly rats leave the sinking ship we can be darn sure the boat is steered towards collision and will drown soon.
This May not be what you looking for, but ...
Very deep, but I've already been there. TNT only strengthens what took me a lifetime to know. *NM*
Say what! So YOU don't like the 'phenominal' that much, do you? :D
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