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2010 PREDITIONS start now! Gloom, doom or kaaboom? Predict and see what 2010 could be.

Great, just great! The U.S. has about 6 months or so of existance, as the predictions go.

As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.

Well I suppose I only have 6 months of normalty, but in the mean time I would be very curious as to what everyone else on the TNT is vibing for the new year. Some things might seem obvious, some things might already be in motion, but it doesn't matter cause when your a predictor all that counts is being right.

Here's the list from last week:

1. Major global economic event prediction
2. Major global environmental event prediction
3. Major global military conflict prediction
4. Major global political figure passing away prediction
5. Major global spiritual, ET, unexplainable type event prediction

Or make your own, but please do share.

Work your magic Dancer,Drummy,Elord,Cosmo,Lance,Zany,Oldfart,Watcher, or whoever. Let's see what you got.

Have a great happy and prosperous new year (or maybe not)!

Messages In This Thread

2010 PREDITIONS start now! Gloom, doom or kaaboom? Predict and see what 2010 could be.
One of the richest on earth buys trains! "a bet on the country..." Me thinks not! A globally gloomy dire prediction.
When the sly rats leave the sinking ship we can be darn sure the boat is steered towards collision and will drown soon.
This May not be what you looking for, but ...
Very deep, but I've already been there. TNT only strengthens what took me a lifetime to know. *NM*
Say what! So YOU don't like the 'phenominal' that much, do you? :D
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