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It's 140 miles to 'Abba-leen'! Just for the song and my feelgood spleen :D

Way back then I loved to listen to AFN Armed Forces Network, each workday from 16 to 16:45 they aired the Country Music Hit Parade.
One of my favorite songs from 1963 - the year when JFK was killed in Dallas - was 'Abba-leen'. I never forgot about the AFN live transmission of the events at Dealey Plaza and I never forgot the favorites like 'Abba-leen', 'Blue Train' and names like George Hamilton the Fourth and John D. Loudermilk.

Until Christmas a few days ago I didn't have a link or a connection in mind. In the years since 1963 I sometimes remembered 'Abba-leen' but nothing more. When I started to post clips from youtube three years ago I also recalled the word 'Abba-leen' and the melody when my mind had 'a walk in the American country-side' but I had no clue where it could be found because I had too little information, too weak mindlinks, sts.

Yesterday while re-reading some of my postings via google I stumbled upon the one with the miraculously persistent melody that had popped up a whole day long at the end of last January - as it turned out, it was from Franz Liszt, right in time, connected to a certain event from one of my relations to the past.
I said to myself 'this was another singular event, something too ab-normal, too off-road, too inexplicable to recur any time soon' - but I was wrong!

As if somebody wanted to teach me one more time a lesson and enforce my belief into 'higher benevolant spirits' I was subconsciously led to run around in various web pages when I stumbled upon a comment that referred to US President Eisenhower
there it was:

Abilene ... Abba-leen, Abba-leen.

Looky looky at youtube and I found what I had missed for many years and could not regain because the bits of info were far too weak. This is the first part of the story, and the other part:

The whole re-connection of 'Abba-leen' in my mind fits into a greater picture,
for the one 'in-the know'
even with the lyrics
and Southern Ontario
and the lack of snow ;)

the rest of the story

From a point not-to-be-seen it's 140 miles to 'Abba-leen'.

"abba-leen abba-leen .... "

George Hamilton IV - Abilene


youtuber 44brisbane (4 weeks ago)

Thanks for that great little anecdote. Abilene for me is the quintessential country western song, sung only by him. Love the mood.

John D. Loudermilk - Blue Train


George Hamilton IV - Canadian Pacific


George Hamilton IV on Missed Opportunities


CO-incidences are all-ways
CO-related incidences

It depends on the relations and the personal awareness.
Mind con-troll, another approach, activated self.

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It's 140 miles to 'Abba-leen'! Just for the song and my feelgood spleen :D
no old-fashioned country fans here still young at heart :O the lyrics now
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