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Posted By: Robert Alford Darby, Date: 5/15/08 12:16 p.m.






The ASCETIC is a person who rigorously devotes himself or herself to a life of solitude, contemplation and practices such methods of self-discipline as celibacy, fasting or self-restraint and self-mortification as a strict religious exercise in the pursuit of purity.

Ascetical theology is the branch of Roman Catholic Theology that deals with the practice of virtue and the means of attaining (*FOR SELF) holiness and perfection.

The practice or exercise of asceticism is often done in isolation or as a hermit in the desert or mountain wilderness.

While purity of body, mind and spirit should be the goal of every mortal person upon the earth, the question, concerning all that is done by the earthling ascetic, is where are the good deeds done for others? Good deeds done for others, not words or a selfish regimen are what Jehovih desires from both men and angels both on earth and in heaven.

I have selected the following text from OAHSPE and articles from ZetaTalk for your consideration in how to proceed and avoid the entrapment and imprisonment of your mind.

*Added by Robert for Clarity.



We Must Have a Kingdom.
I showed them no reason for it; but I bade them take up arms and follow me for patriotism's sake.


Verse 17

I made an igneous fatuous, a kingdom. I called out to my people, saying: We must have a kingdom. I showed them no reason for it; but I bade them take up arms and follow me for patriotism's sake. And yet what was patriotism? Behold, I made it as something greater than Thee and Thy commandment: THOU SHALT NOT KILL.


The Imprisonment of the Mind.
Chapter XXVI
GOD said: There are such as shut themselves up in colleges (convents and nunneries), and such as retire to the forests, devoting their lives to prayers, confessions and rites and ceremonies,being most systematic in routine, and in being shut away from the Uzians. 2. And they allot certain ones as leaders and overseers, making themselves inquisitors over one another, in hope of purifying their thoughts and aspirations, constantly trapping one another for shortness, and, then, submitting to petty punishment and inflictions, hoping thereby to check evil thoughts, words and actions. 3. Judgment is rendered against all such people, be they mortals or angels. 4.
For these are the methods of the imprisonment of mind.
All such mortals are preparing themselves for the bondage of drujas on their entrance into the es world. 5. Yea, even in that same college (convent and nunnery), shall they be immured after death, by thousands of drujas who inhabit the place, who profess to have some scheme of projected salvation. 6. All such people are the manifestation of darkness instead of light. Jehovih created man with capacity for developing talent to do good unto others. 7. Now, behold, these ascetics labor for themselves in these foolish proceedings; they do not these things in order to meliorate the condition of their neighbors. Neither have they shown, in a single instance, where a benefit resulted to the state in consequence of their practices. 8. They call their initiations sacred, but I declare unto thee, they are a blasphemy against Jehovih.
They are as a snare for the imprisonment of the mind and the soul.
9. And, after death, these people are prevented by their drujan masters from entering heavenly places of resurrection, becoming, instead, slaves in the es world, to pursue such calling and practice as may be put upon them. 10. For the same rule holdeth on earth and in heaven, as regardeth the bondage of the mind. If, by imposing rites and ceremonies, and by the strategems and cunning of mortal priests, they can be captured on earth, even so can they be retained in bondage in heaven. 11. And it happeneth with them, that even as they honestly believe they are right on earth, so will they persist they are right in heaven, even willingly submitting to cruelty and to torture, in order to prove their fidelity. 12. Be considerate, O man, of the words of thy God:
He, who created thee, gave to thee one star of light whereby thou mayst determine truth and wisdom.
13. Whatever doctrine showeth self as the chief consideration, even if it be for obtaining wisdom or supposed purity for self sake, is not of Jehovih. 14. The aborigine, that roveth foolishly in the forest, standeth higher, therefore, before thy God, than doth the nun or the ascetic. For though the former liveth for self only, yet he is not bound in spirit. 15. In all things, thou shalt weigh the object and end aimed at, and the final result; and, wherein self standeth as a part, or whole consideration, know thou such matter is not of Jehovih, but of satan. 16.
It is not sufficient for the apologist of satan to say: O we dwell in the colleges (nunneries and convents), in order to pray for Uzians. 17. But thou shalt weigh their prayers also, and thou shalt estimate the value thereof by what is accomplished. And thou shalt prove whether their prayers provided harvests of wheat and corn, and food and clothing for the poor, and education for the unlearned, or any other thing that was good. 18.
Be thou not put off by the cunning of Satan’s words in the mouths of priests or popes; but look matters in the face, and be thou a God thyself in discerning things that meliorate the condition of man.


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ZetaTalk: Mind/Spirit Connection, Note: written Sep 15, 1995 http://www.zetatalk.com/density/d20.htm
As spirits seem dissociated from the body, being able to leave during an Out-Of-Body, and can ignore physical barriers, how then does the spirit communicate to the biochemical arrangement that is the mind? What is the point of connection? The spirit does not need to switch densities, so the mind/spirit connection is not vibrational, being on the same wave length as you say. As the spirit can function without a body the connection is not biochemical. As spirits develop during incarnations in life forms on diverse worlds wholly incompatible with each other the connection does not appear to have a physical requirement.
This puzzle is most easily understood if one considers how sub-atomic particles operate. However diverse the various elements of the physical world seem, they break down into the same component parts. The base building blocks are the same. Spirits are composed of a substance that is physical in the larger scheme, and surpasses in its reach any one density vibration. Just as on the sub-atomic level you consider some elements to communicate electrically, encouraging or inciting an electron flow, and other elements to be inert, just so your spirit considers your mind to be capable of an interchange where the stone walls it passes through are inert. The spirit communicates to the mind by biochemical means, by inciting biochemical activity. It does so by adjusting itself to the density of the incarnated body and to the peculiar biochemistry of the life form. This feat is no more spectacular than tuning an x-ray machine to penetrate the thickness of an object. During each incarnation the spirit quickly familiarizes itself with its new physical body, and gets down to business.
Does the spirit have memory, as the mind does? Most certainly, and remembers the lessons learned during each incarnation flawlessly. Humans are used to their conscious memory being capable of distortion, of remembering incidences as they wish, not as they were. The spirit, however, is like the subconscious and does not distort memories. How is it then that the babe, incarnated by an old and wise spirit, does not remember its past lives? The spirit can only speak to the mind as the mind is ready to receive. If the biochemical pathways for the concept the spirit wishes to relay are not yet in place in the mind, the spirit can only speak to the emotions. Thus humans feel they have lived before, but do not have an explanation for the concept. Thus humans may sense that an incident is similar to another experienced before in a past life, but unless they are willing to entertain the concept of past lives, they will not be open to having these spiritual memories unfold.
ZetaTalk: Mind Control, Note: written on May 15, 1996 http://www.zetatalk.com/govmt/g58.htm
The dream of all controlling individuals, a category which includes the military hierarchy, is to create virtual robots out of the population at the flip of a switch. Riot control, preventing resistance, silencing dissent, ensuring complete adherence to orders or edicts - such are the heady goals of those who are control oriented. Humans use drugs, physical restraints, and threats and bribes to gain these ends, but none of these methods are fail-safe. In human-to-human encounters no one is paralyzed unless drugs or physical restraints are used, and likewise leaving a memory only in the subconscious where it can act like a post-hypnotic suggestion is achievable only by battering and splintering the conscious through trauma and drugs. The secret government, which in the early days was heavily influenced by the CIA, longed to master what they considered to be mind control techniques.
In fact, as we have stated, a human cannot be given a hypnotic suggestion they are not in accordance with, and during visitations the human is in control and can terminate contact at any time simply by willing it to be so. Even the paralyzed state, which makes use of an old portion of the human brain that is akin to a possum's brain, can be broken at will by the human. Nevertheless, the CIA did a considerable amount of casting about, trying to discover how aliens were able to paralyze humans and plant what they assumed to be post hypnotic suggestions. Needless to say, they did not succeed, but their fervor and rumors of this activity inspired such stories as the Manchurian Candidate, where humans, while unaware, are time bombs waiting to become absolute robots behaving in a preprogrammed manner. This is all so far from what is possible as to be positively silly.
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ZetaTalk: Faith Healers, Note: written by Jul 15, 1995 http://www.zetatalk.com/beinghum/b31.htm
The dramatic moment is well known to humans - the faith healer approaches another riddled with disease or stricken with a new affliction, lays on hands, and the pain and disability are gone. Is this fraud? Yes and no. Given the driving desire of the afflicted to be relieved of their distress, it is no surprise that con men and women arise to take advantage. This is a scenario well known to humans, as it is much played out in the movies where almost invariably the faith healer is revealed as a charlatan.
But there are cases where measurable changes take place in the afflicted, for various reasons.
• First, the affliction may have a psychosomatic component, and the healing can be nothing more than the afflicted deciding to abandon a self affliction. By this we mean that people can choose to afflict themselves, as punishment or to evade responsibilities or for whatever reason. Dramatic improvements can ensue, such as remission of cancer, but where the faith healer is given credit for this it should be born in mind that such remissions occur without the help of faith healers. Most, if not all, diseases have a psychosomatic component, and are thus susceptible to be influenced by a changed psychological state.
• Second, the affliction may have been imaginary, a call for attention, and the faith healing put the supposedly afflicted one in a situation where they could receive more attention for being healed than for being afflicted.
• Third, the faith healer may have adjusted the alignment of the mind and spirit within the body, by essentially having a conversation with the afflicted's mind and spirit and assisting in the alignment. This is nonverbal counseling, on a mental and spiritual level.
How do the body, mind, and spirit get misaligned? There is a tug of war, of sorts, between the various parts of man. The body, which traces its ancestry way back, wants to live simply and to focus on bodily comforts such as shelter, food, rest, and sex. The body cannot be truly put aside without repercussions. Its demands are ever present and pronounced. The mind, which has been superimposed on the human body by genetic engineering, has its own life and is driven by curiosity and obsessions. That the mind has a life of its own can be demonstrated by placing a puzzle before a bright, curious human. The human will ignore defecation and urination demands, hunger, and the need for sleep in order to complete the puzzle. The mind and body can work together, and most often do, but can at times pull in opposing directions. Now comes the spirit, incarnating. Yet another focus, which may be in sync with the body, at times, as in the desire to commune with another of the opposite sex when both are, as you say, horny. The spirit may also be in sync with the mind, at times, as when the desire to be of service to others melds with the opportunity to do research.
But the body, mind, and spirit may all be pulling in different directions, and thus make the body sick. The faith healer discerns the misalignment and discusses this, nonverbally in most cases. Counseling occurs, with suggestions on how better to proceed. As the faith healer may be in touch with higher entities, they can be assisting in this action, the faith healer having in essence given The Call to those in the Service-to- Others. The faith healer convinces the parts of the afflicted to adjust to each other, so that the mind and spirit take each other and the body into consideration more effectively. Were this to be a verbal communication, there would not be so much mystery about faith healing, which can and does occur.
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IMMURED (transitive verb) 2b: to shut up: Imprison. INCARCERATE. 3: to build into a wall esp: to punish by entombing within a wall or between two walls .

MELIORATE (verb) to make better or more tolerable.


Try to avoid the traps.

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