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Re: [An] Open Letter of Forgiveness to Pastor Tony King, Jack Smith, Sam Kennedy and James Cavazos

More disturbing info...

It seems to be getting a bit worse ! Remember that old saying: "If it seems
to good to be true, it probably is !"

PTK = Pastor Tony King a/k/a Tony Fisher a/k/a fill-in-the-blank !

...we are talking about $175 - $200 million in closed bank account funds !

On Dec 17, 7:39 am, "tom_byr..."

It didn't dawn on me until shortly after the first PTK DTC Retreat...

We were all waiting for the first TalkShoe to start, and we were
anxiously awaiting the news from PTK- "How many of us got in?"

Sam Kennedy had gone on his show a-couple-days before the call and
proclaimed that he personally witnessed PTK take 400 packets into the
DTC... Jack Smith at the CIC seminar the weekend-that- followed echoed
the same on stage and the rumors on the Skype chat were starting to
fly about people getting into the DTC, about people getting "funded".

That bit of news was in stark contrast to the days leading up to the
call, as the rumors up until then had been pretty gloomy. James
had been on the TalkShoe calls spreading the sad news that we
(the marks) had all screwed-up filling-out the forms (which for some
reason were California Trust Bank forms, not DTC forms). And that
there was going to need to be another DTC-Retreat... and then after a
bit of an uproar, that was changed to PTK may be able to make some of
the very minor corrections himself and that there was still hope for
many of us...

On the day of the call everyone was starting to feel the excitement
whipped-up by the Sam Kennedy and Jack Smith performances. But that
soon ended when PTK joined the call and burst-the-bubble. No one got
in, no one, except for a select few (35 or so) in his private inner-
circle. But we learned (or were told, not sure ever learned anything
from PTK) that even they couldn't get access to their funds, because
PTK valiantly took those funds (35 x $3,500,000,000) and leveraged
them against the portal (he never explained what that meant) so that
we could keep the DTC-window-open for an additional 45 days for the
rest of us. Those few, who were never were identified, "sacrificed"
for the many. They bought us 45 days. 45 days so that we could make
small corrections to the forms and get them turned in... That was over
60 days ago.

Since then it went from working on fixing the minor corrections (which
never-happened) to somehow the hosting of another 1st-timer seminar
promoted heavily by Jack Smith and Sam Kennedy. And then that became a
2nd-full-retreat to fill-out-the-form (this weekend in Orlando) at the
deal-of-a-lifetime fee of $750 per person from the self-proclaimed
multi-billionaire. And somehow the 45 days window was never mentioned

Now some of us smelling a rat on the first PTK TalkShoe after the 1st-
DTC-Retreat started asking for our documents back. And we made our
voices heard - James and Tony, along with the Skype / TalkShoe
moderators Diana Cabrerra and Mike Jeffers had promised profusely to
return these documents. They came up with a plan and promised to give
them back. All we had to do was send them a Self Addressed Stamped
Envelope or an SASE as Mike likes to call it.

As the days passed and nothing happened, we found ourselves being
censored on the calls, censored on the Skype boards and we never did
get our stuff back (Birth Certificate / Social Security Card).

But I am getting ahead of myself, this letter is about the real money
behind the DTC-hustle, so let me go back to those first few moments
after I learned that we were not going into DTC.

When it hit me, I turned green. I realized that some dishonourable-
group had not only mine, but several-hundred Birth Certificates,
Social Security Cards and detailed-information on closed-bank-
accounts, along with wet-ink signatures from the DTC-eligibility-
questionnaires - and I thought "Oh my God ! This might just be the
real reason behind the whole DTC-scam."

So I called an old-friend, someone that has been in the Commercial
Redemption movement for a very long time, someone that studied Roger
Elvick (as did PTK, Jack, James and Sam) and understands closed-bank-
accounts (though will not teach it). A man for whom I have great
respect - (and should have listened to). We talked through the whole of
the PTK DTC-plot and of how they might use the closed-accounts and
vital documents. I am convinced that this is the real purpose of the
PTK DTC-scam.

Each of those closed-bank- accounts is worth $250K (in PTKs own words).
Multiply that by the 700 or 800 people that went to the retreat (some
people used more than one account, so maybe more) and it is
conceivable that we are talking about $175 - $200 million in closed-
bank-account funds
. Add to that, that they have the means to obtain
clean identities via the original birth-certificates and social-
security cards and can scan in the signatures from the DTC-eligibility-
questionnaire and they (the PTK gang) can use those funds and we (the
marks) will get the visits from Treasury.

Even if this is not what they are doing, as I do not yet-have-proof,
they have been dishonourable- debtors with everything they have done
thus far and I am very uncomfortable with the fact that they will not
return our documents and have the closed-account information - Even if
this is not something they are doing, it is a very real possibility of
something that people as devious as these can do.

To be safe, and to protect anyone else from befalling this scam, I
have contacted the FBI in Orlando (Assistant Special Agent in Charge,
Christopher Davis) and the Orange County Sheriff (Sheriff Jerry
Deming), along with the Chief Legal Officer of the Marriott Hotel (to
warn them of their liability and to remind them that fraud or the
intention to commit a crime (such as the taking of another's birth
certificate or social security card) vitiates all contracts).

It is my intention to shine some light on this - If Tony is who he
claims to be, it will not-be-[a]problem as he will have the connections
and clout to move past it, but if not (much more likely), it is my
hope that I have acted-in-time to shut the scam down before they
collect the money ($750 x 1000 est.), vital documents, and closed

Tom B.


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