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An Open Letter about Disinformation Hacks Who Give Us Flack!

Received in an email the following:

The good news is that we have folks like Inge, using the internet like unpaid professional public servants working to keep us informed of suppressed news and views that reveal the bigger picture so that we can make better choices than the corporate media now owned by 5 transnationals would allow us to make. Cheers to banish fears. Bruce

Open Letter

To The Calgary Herald

Dear Editor;

Re Sarah Schmidt's article "Senator proposes more amendments to weaken product safety legislation" published online on December 14, 2009.

Since the media is so very influential in conditioning public opinion, I must congratulate Sarah Schmidt in doing such a masterful job of conditioning her readers with incomprehensible ignorance and frightening shallowness that exhibits a worrisome lack of understanding of fundamental principles and concepts like “safety”, Rule of Law, Due Process, democratic infrastructure, Constitutional Rights – and most troubling, no understanding of the attributes and dangers of Dictatorial Powers – especially when given to an at-arms-length agency like Health Canada - which already has a long, disturbing, and dubious history of corruption and of violating and sacrificing the health and safety of Canadian citizens in its subservient obedience to more powerful corporate masters. So much for the charade. (A little investigative research might have been a valid assignment for this reporter.)

Equally troubling is Sarah Schmidt’s attack on the Senators who have at last, thankfully, challenged the partisanship of party politics and have, at this critical and defining moment in our history, risen to the level of Statesmanship, prepared to take the media flack that is inevitable when one stands for and defends fundamental principles in defense of the sovereignty of our country and the inalienable rights of Canadian citizens.

The following is a short encapsulation of what Bill C6 legalizes: Bill C6 obliterates the Rule of Law and removes access to Due Process for Canadian citizens and businesses, which can then be legally targeted at the "arbitrary discretion" of the "Minister and/or his appointees and inspectors", based on "belief or suspicion", without the need to provide any "substantiating evidence of harm" , and which permits, without notification or warning, swat-team style, warrantless "arrests, search and seizure/confiscation of property and/or inventory", to be stored and/or disposed of "at the citizen's expense", while guilt is "automatically assumed", leading to the imposition of not-to-be-questioned and non-disputable "penalties, fines or imprisonment", all without any need for explanation, or avenues of recourse, or access to DUE PROCESS in the courts. It also states that our regulations can be determined by external sources over which Canadians have no control.

Is this not the epitome of an “Unsafe Product”? Safety encompasses more that a consumer product. Is this procuring the “SAFETY” of Canadian citizens? Or is this every dictator’s dream list? Is this what we are prepared to sacrifice for the myth that these dictator powers are required to remove dangerous consumer products from the marketplace – when enough removal powers are already readily available? Are we prepared to straightjacket our constitutional and democratic infrastructures, to be replaced with the dictatorial powers of arbitrary discretion of appointed demagogues – meaning no one would be SAFE?

In my 73 years, I have seen much history pass before my eyes. There was a time when Canada functioned under procedural protocols of notification. Have we now become an “US and THEM” society where “protection” implies being policed and punished into subservience by swat teams armed with guns and cattle-prods (which is what tasers really are)? Have we adopted an “attack the enemy” model of solving all our problems, whereby we end up destroying everything of value in the process?

Many citizens and reporters can be easily swayed because they have never studied history, and have failed to gleam the wisdom that it teaches - maybe a compulsory crash course on how various democracies in history were morphed into dictatorships would be appropriate.

I must do whatever I can to prevent my beloved Canada from continuing any further down that the “dictatorship” road upon which it has already embarked, surrendering sovereignty to foreign, unelected entities like the WHO, the UN, the WTO, CODEX, etc., all demanding regulatory harmonization to their edicts, along with the adoption of an ugly militaristic policing paradigm wherein citizens are beginning to live in fear of the vehicles of governance, internal and external, which increasingly demand more dictatorial powers to “police citizens into complete compliance” with the stroke of a demagogic pen.

Maybe Sarah would like to explain why she is so eager to lead us into the lion’s den of the NWO Pied Pipers – all under the camouflage and diversionary illusion of safety. Let her garner some insights and wisdom before she pontificates again in any attempt to further brainwash and sway an already PR-brainwashed public. We can’t afford any more SPIN at this decisive moment in our history, As the population awakens to the real agenda, and as all of the Senators begin to examine their consciences and the mandate of their office to protect the Constitution and the inalienable rights of Canadians, may many more join the ranks of the “obstructionists” in a last-ditch effort to save this great country from the suffocating chokehold of dictatorial power structures.

Bills that resemble Bill C6 have no place in a democratic system. Bill C6 cannot tolerate the band aid of amendments. It is so flawed and faulty that it must be sent to the bye-bye-land of the dodo bird, never to be resurrected again.


Inge Hanle
Vancouver, BC

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