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They be normal...

In the first video the oldest "fish" sounds like he has some experience in La Belle Province...the rest of the folks could be from Toronnna, eh? The young ladies dressed comfortably it seems could be cottage country spawn, used to being in the Great White North/outdoors...they'd not likely descend to the lower latitudes of the GTA as the summer temperatures of 60F are too warm for them. The video is another example of Global Warming or is it over fishing? If what we saw was really snow, ice and winter, the "fish" would be wearing wet suits...AL Gordo listen up...if people can go swimming in le winter it must be warming up, right? If the video was done by professionals it would have a hockey puck in it, the ladies would be offering Tim Horton's coffee to the the "fish" and the La Tour CN/CN Tower would be visible in the background...ha, ha. Creative video though...I'd never have thought that up!

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Canadian Ice Fishing ... (F'ng CRAZY Canucks!) .. *LINK*
So cool! :D "yes we can - like a Can-A-Dian?" strange accent, weird habits, these Ont-Arians!
I have no idea where the accent comes from .... They sound like they are originally from Newfoundland ... :D
They be normal...
Enlightening Afterthoughts - Comrade In Analysis! :O (Drummy, you've to handle at least 2 of them) :D
Re: They be normal...
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