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we are closer with our views than it appears to be ;)
In Response To: Reply to Dancer ()

Thanks again for your balanced, factual reply.
I agree with most of your views on the unique stances of Worldreports, the only thing that vexes me is the latent overstretched anti-German
pre-judice, sorts of pars-pro-toto condemnation.

For example the recent declaration that Patrick Bellringer (I never trusted this name to be real, btw) is an 'ethnic German' his true name Emil Muhlhausen.

Why the attribute 'Ethnic' German?
What a nonsense, there are no 'ethnic Germans', what did he want to express or instigate by chosing this misleading term?
If Christopher Story really knew European History
he would restrain from using the (indeed nazistic term 'Ethnic German'. Germans living in nowadays Germany have never been a race or a specific ethnicity, and hardly in the times before, that is in the First, Second and Third Reich.

Central Europe once had a realm, for several hundred years, that included great parts of nowadays Germany but much more, it was called

"Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation"

translated with its true meaning in mind it says

"Holy Roman Empire of Germanic Descent"

What do you think about this strange name?

I will come back on this later because I wanted to insert something 'unique' published on Worldreports, something that was even - by chance or by intention? - published where it was targeted to - you know what I mean?


Separately, additional controlled websites have been added to the Listing of disinformation and confusion-mongering sites driven by the MK-Ultra New Age claptrap and agitation and propaganda cadres within the corrupted US Intelligence Power, published with our report dated 27th October. Many of the websites on the list can be traced back to Herndon, VA; Toronto, Canada; Houston, Texas; and La Habra and Mountain View, California, according to 'expert' sources.

Newly added to the list are:

• 911questions.com
• 911mysteries.com (a)
• 911weknow.com (a)
• global-elite.org (b)
• projectavalon.org (c)

Notes re the above: (a) It is reported to us that these websites are associated with one 'Sofia Smallstorm' (a.k.a. Sofia Shafquat, Sofia Shafoat), of Laguna Niguel, California. Our sources state that 'she is a Mossad/ONI operative with connections to Bush 41'. (b) This website is registered under TUCOWS, Inc., known to be an intelligence-based IP organisation in Toronto, Canada; some of their IP addresses track back to Herndon, VA. This website is reported to us to 'host a Google video... of a C-Span-2 lecture on 'eugenics' [Himmlerian ops.] by a Dr Edwin Brown, which stalled after ten minutes, causing my computer to freeze up completely, leaving just a blank white page'.

Finally, given the fact that the Sorcha Faal operation continues to disseminate reports beginning with 'Rumours circulating in the Kremlin today', it would appear either that some people can't read, or that they specifically CHOOSE to be deceived: 'If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch'. In this case, the blind are not being led by people without the gift of sight: they are being led by an Office of Naval Intelligence operative based in Vienna, VA, and his Irish associate. We have exposed Sorcha Faal several times but it has made no difference – given that one of the signals indicating that one is dealing with an operative, which will be exposed in our forthcoming report on the methodology of US operatives, is that THEY DO NOT RESPOND NORMALLY, and pay little or no attention to external indicators, as they are working to a secret agenda that is not revealed to the intended target audience. So, we repeat the exposure of the Sorcha Faal deception that was again featured with the report dated 27th October 2009, just in case a few more prospective victims of this operation would care to avoid being deceived any further.

• The fact that some content of this ONI deception may occasionally appear to be plausible DOES NOT NEUTRALISE THE FACT THAT IT IS A CYNICAL U.S. AGITPROP OPERATION:

Perpetrated by: (1) Commander J. Forrest Sharpe, of Light in the Darkness Publications, Vienna, VA. Our US military and 'special' sources state that: 'Sharpe is active duty submarine service fleet', i.e. Office of Naval intelligence (ONI); (2) D. L. O'Huallachain, who covers for the Vatican.

These reports typically begin with the ignorant fantasy: 'Rumors circulating in the Kremlin today'. As we have pointed out, the Kremlin doesn't 'DO' rumours. Despite our exposures of this deception operation in the past, they have continued behaving as though they had never been exposed.

In response to our earlier mention of this matter, and in the light of some 'explanations' from that website, it is hereby confirmed that the associate was viewing the article by Representative Ron Paul, that was posted on the site, on why the Federal Reserve should be audited. Our associate has confirmed that he was half way through reading the article when the entire computer was wiped and he was left with a plain white screen. He also reports serious problems arising from unwanted popups associated with the same website.

• It was not a problem with rumormills.com, as was suggested, but rather with rumormillnews.com.

Secondly, we have received an email from one of the agents on this website, who has been in touch with us before. This lady states, very politely, that: 'I can vouch for the fact that RMN is NOT an Alphabet Agency Psy-Ops Government controlled operation'. Our response was and is this:

• Whether the website is or is not directly or knowingly so controlled is NOT the issue. On the contrary, if it is serving the purposes for which the controlled websites exist, then it is neither here nor there whether it is controlled, knows it is controlled, or isn't controlled or doesn't know it is controlled, or all of the above. This is because, far from enhancing the sum of understanding, this website 'creates the cacophonous sound... as decidedly different opinions appear daily'.

• In other words, this source (and we have withheld the lady's name and pseudonym: but if the Editor is challenged, WE WILL REVEAL THEM, obviously) OPENLY ADMITS HERE that this US website's product is a 'cacophonous sound'.

• FACT: Cacophony, from the Greek, means 'BAD' or 'EVIL' 'NOISE'.

• So the website is HAPPY to be the wanton purveyor of EVIL NOISE?

• In what way could EVIL NOISE contribute to EVER GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF COMPLEX ISSUES, especially in an environment that is characterised by CONTROLLED LIES, DIVERSIONARY PLOYS, NEW AGE CLAPTRAP, DELIBERATE AGITATION AND PROPAGANDA, and other familiar abominations with which American minds are being poisoned?

On the contrary, this model presupposes that the outcome WILL INDEED BE cacophany and open-ended confusion. WHO is the author of CONFUSION AND LIES? You should know the answer to that question, by now. Moreover, as the Editor of this service pointed out to this agent-lady in reply, the situation is actually MUCH WORSE than we've already described.

• This is because the deliberate, knowing dissemination of lies is a criminal offence.

Let's rephrase this: The deliberate dissemination of falsehoods is a criminal offence. Distorting the perceptions of abused ordinary Americans by knowingly feeding them with such FABRICATED and poisonous Black Propaganda CANNOT EVER BE JUSTIFIED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES; and NO EXCUSES can be tolerated for such conduct. We have no doubt that it was never the intention of the agent lady in question to write to the Editor in support of criminal behaviour.

• A CLEAR DISTINCTION exists between a DELIBERATE FABRICATION knowingly disseminated in order specifically to mislead or deceive, and the inadvertent repetition or elaboration of inaccurate information which appears plausible. We have all been repeatedly lied to by cadres intent on the covering up of the Ponzi deceptions, serial thefts, Fraudulent Finance operations and associated murders, including the 9/11 mass murders. Despite due diligence, and the maximum use of one's faculties and discernment, it is not always possible to sift out the lies: although the longer one has to address these deceptions, the more skilled does one tend to become in identifying them: there is indeed a 'learning curve'. But what is inexcusable is the DELIBERATE, KNOWING dissemination of false information to mislead, say, the 320,000 Ponzi victims, impervious to their suffering and to the cynical manipulation of their hopes and fears; or blatant Black Propaganda with intent to abuse and insult the Head of State of the United Kingdom, who has served Great Britain selflessly with impeccable devotion to duty all the days of her life, as all informed people know to be the case.

As you would expect, we screen all our phone calls. This state of affairs arises inter alia from the fact that an MK-Ultra-type 'Black' harassment operation using a Washington, DC phone number, and an online presence with the capacity to alter its email send-from addresses instantaneously, and which indulges in obscene messages and 'Black' assertions to the effect that the whole world is going to be controlled by 'Great Dark Lords' for the next 13 millennia (note the geomasonic Number 13), has been leaving foul emssages on our voicemail since February 2008, which 'just happens' to be when we ceased to have anything to do with Wanta (Mr 'Guten Tag' or 'Telefon').

We also screen our calls to ensure that the Editor is not plagued by nuisance calls from any other mental defectives. Two days ago, a call was received on our London voicemail service from a Mr Fulford. It was noted and monitored. The Editor did not respond to Mr Fulford's phone call. Fulford did NOT leave several phone messages: he left only ONE message.

We are not interested, self-evidently, in any 'dialogue' with this person, who has been engaged in the wanton, open-ended dissemination of Black Propaganda against Her Majesty The Queen. This operative is reported by rumormillsnews [see above] to have posted the following inter alia on 20th October 2009 [per that website]:

'It seems I have upset the Queen of England with some of my
recent writings if the reactions of her bulldog Christopher Story are
anything to judge by. Although Story has said in the past his phone
number is listed and to please call him, he did not answer any of
several calls made to him nor did he call me back'.

While we do not normally waste time answering such fringe drivel, the first point here is that The Queen probably has no knowledge of any of this. Secondly, the Editor is not 'her bulldog' or anyone else's bulldog, and in any case he prefers boxer dogs to bulldogs. They are more sloshy, dribbly and soft. Thirdly as noted above, the phone message received from this Fulford fellow was dated two days ago, NOT, as he suggests, earlier than 20th October. So much for this man's accuracy.

More to the point, as Fulford's FULMINATIONS contain rank disinformation and Black Propaganda, it is not the job of a responsible journalist to respond to such deliberately duplicitous provocations.

We have explained WHY this campaign was mounted. Those who STILL haven't UNDERSTOOD that the worm has turned and the criminals are being defeated and 'taken down' as we speak [see this report, for instance] can by all means remain blinded by the fog of Black US Propaganda and hatred disseminated by irresponsible outlets and their sources, such as Fulford. Nor are any of Fulford's convoluted 'explanations' either relevant or in any way interesting in view of what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING. They have NO BEARING on events at all, and they simply represent part of a desperate rearguard operation, which has failed, to try to regain the initiative so as to be able to continue the Fraudulent Finance operations which are being confronted, and STOPPED.

It is quite surprising that a so-called journalist reported by Tim Barello to have worked for Forbes has 'lost it' to such an extent that he can no longer distinguish notorious US Black Propaganda from fact. Too much sake, perhaps? We understand that too much sake can addle the brain.


You achieved one thing, my friend (Oldman) Junior:

I will take more time to read www.worldreports.com and - if you wish to do so - expand the dialogue with you.

DVD = Deutscher Verteidigungs-Dienst Dachau?

this might be interesting for you

referring to







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mini update from worldreports.org
but maxi diversion: all 'Big German' banks are indeed NON-German and ANTI-German. PEZ Bloodsuckers!
Reply to Dancer
we are closer with our views than it appears to be ;)
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