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Holding Their Feet To The "FIRE" !

Holding Their Feet To The "FIRE" !

2 hours and 16 minutes of...

How We, The People, Are Taking Back OUR Government !

If You FINALLY invest some time and intestinal fortitude and forgo watching
"Dancing With The Stars" or Patriots v. Miami, et al. for ONE NIGHT or DAY and listen
to Rod Class' and Friends conference call from Sat. night 12.12.09, you'll FINALLY
know why things are falling apart and NEED TO BE CORRECTED IMMEDIATELY
and How We Are Waging a FULL, FRONTAL ASSAULT on the "corporate government"
in DC !
We WILL prevail and they WILL finally Surrender after our assaults of
thousands and thousands of paper cuts ! Because, we've always known, deep down
that "the pen is, truly, mightier than the sword" !

Listen to the call: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-17898/TS-302576.mp3

Here's the link to the previous Sat. night calls that are archived...

Here's the link to the previous Fri. night calls that are archived...
AIB (America's Information Bureau) Community Call

Rod Class, is a non-lawyer, non-college degreed, one of The People, and is leading
a band of regular, actual, living People who have done the research and found the
evidentiary documents, Codes, Rules, Regulations, Executive Orders and Statutes
that PROVE the FRAUD that is the current government in DC that thinks they have
US fooled !

Well, we aren't fooled any longer and we're NOT buying their FRAUDULENT

The calls will resume Friday night January 1st, 2010 at 9:00pm EST !

But, any breaking updates will be handled by our automated list !

To join the automated email update list so you can stay in the loop, send
an email to: rod-class-subscribe@rayservers.com

To see some of our past documents and cases filed into DC, etc. go to:

Use this message as something to forward on to your own internal email lists
of people who are of like mind and for re-posting on blogs, and to newspapers,
and reporters, etc. ! ! !

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